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Friday, January 22, 2016

Our First Trip To The Sacramento Zoo

I was given complimentary admission to the Sacramento Zoo facilitate this post. However, all opinions are 100%  my own and not influenced by the company.

She loves maps.

Not even five years old, and anything having to do with a map, "Big Sister H, is sold.

When we arrived for our very first trip to the Sacramento Zoo, she made a beeline for the map display and proceeded to plan our our entire journey - bathroom stops and all!

Now, the real reason we decided to come to the Sacramento Zoo, is that "Baby O" (pictured above) - requested a trip to the Zoo for her 3rd birthday celebration.

With Gamma and G-Pa coming for a visit from out of town, we figured it was the right time to make our first trip to the zoo!

"Big Sister H." got a little off track when she saw this photo board and made it her own.

I'm not sayin' she's classy. She's a nut.


Giraffes were a big hit for our family.

They are so seriously strange and beautiful, with those long necks and purple tongues - it's like they're from another planet altogether.

Ha, Ha.

G-Pa played a trick on the girls and convinced them that there was a bobcat on display.

Well, it was a bobcat. But not the normal kind you'd see at the zoo.

Onward, we go!

No trip to the zoo is complete without a visit to those amazing striped beasts, the ZEBRA!

The girls were fascinated to see these calm zig-zagged creatures calmly eating their hay and showing off their cool coats.

There was a very cool safari tent near the aardvark enclosure that had some cool dress up gear for the girls and some much needed shade.

There was a case with little drawers and labeled specimens, which the girls used, pretending to be a safari expert explaining their collections to anyone who would listen.



The Train ride was fun for all of us, big and small alike. 

A nice little break from walking and spying on animals - which gives you an overview of where certain animals are located and little fun facts you otherwise might not have known.

We were nicely surprised by an Education Station we found by the Tiger enclosure.

There were two very helpful and eager-to-educate docents that had casts of tiger skulls and a display of how strong a tiger's jaw/teeth are (ie. steel bowl full of holes from a tiger playing with it).

The girls being 3 and 4 were actually quite entertained by the stories and information these lovely men provided us with. You could tell they were passionate about animals and the Sacramento Zoo, which was great to see.

We were fortunate to capture this sweet shot of a lion cub who seemed very curious and willing for us to take his photo. Can't wait to go back and see how he's grown!

Final stop, the Conservation Carousel at the Sacramento Zoo. What a beautiful carousel, with 32 gorgeous carved wooden animals to choose from!

I felt good knowing that the $2.50 per ride goes directly towards conservation awareness and educational programs. Plus, the girls loved picking out their favorite animals.

These really are some of the most beautiful carousel animals I've ever seen! 

So, for a fun, affordable family outing that you're sure to make special memories from - take your family on an adventure to the Sacramento Zoo!