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McKinney Mommas is a lifestyle blog, dedicated to posting relevant articles and reviews on family, parenting, household, and child related products, finding local kid friendly events & restaurants in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento and Yolo County in Northern California as well as hosting exciting giveaways for moms and families across the USA! 

Another important dimension of McKinney Mommas is pursuing humanitarian efforts.  We are very excited to be a founding member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good and a member of the Global Team of 200 - blogging to spread awareness about important issues like maternal heath, hunger, children, and exploitation of women and girls

More about me:

I'm a new(ish) momma to THREE babies in just under FOUR years! After 8 years of marriage, our first vibrant baby girl was born February 2011, a "surprise" sister was born July 2012, then we had to round it out with our third and final "Bookend" baby girl in March 2014.

Currently, taking a break from my social work career with foster care teens to raise my little ones and explore life as a full time mom in Yolo County, while trying to live by the same name's motto "You Only Live Once." 

Self proclaimed foodie, Yelp Elite Reviewer, restaurant bloodhound and local cultural events junkie - that's ME!

............and come FOLLOW our adventures at: McKinney Mommas