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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's "Texas Cheese" Tuesday here at McKinney Mommas

~ TEXAS ~ 

For being the largest state - minus Alaska - in the country, I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of local cheese available here in Texas, since making the move, 3 years ago. 
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I guess that makes the handful of Texas Cheesemakers and vendors that there ARE here even more special though, right?

I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Austin, Texas yet (currently living in the 'burbs of Dallas) but it definitely seems like a city that I'd love to be a part of.  Their love for local art, music and food is apparent, even from the small amount of research I've done on the city.

I was excited to come across Antonelli's Cheese Shop in my "local research" online.  I only wish they had a sister store here in Dallas!  Located in historic Hyde Park and owned by a husband and wife team, this local Texas cheese shop probably has one of the largest selections of Texas cheese available under one roof. 

If you have the pleasure of visiting (or living in) Austin, Texas - go take a gander at this store and give us all the cheesy details (don't forget to tell them that McKinney Mommas sent you.)

512-531 9610 

If you're interested in trying more local TEXAS cheeses, take a look at this list:

Photo courtesy of: Etsy Shop - AHeirloom

Have YOU tried any of the cheeses from these local Texas Cheesemakers

We'd love to know what you think..........


  1. It would be so interesting to try these cheeses.
    Danielle S

  2. I am going to Austin the summer as my hubby's family all live there. That seems like a nice little field trip with the kiddies. You REALLY have to go visit Austin (and see the bats). It is a great place to visit, although I wouldn't want to live there, with the horrible traffic. We have a good time while there, the people are great, and the food is outstanding.


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