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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Difference Between Life and Death For Babies in Uganda - Shanti Uganda

There were 113 miracles born over the past year safely in Uganda, thanks to Shanti Uganda.

In this region of Uganda, with a high population of mothers who are HIV positive, accurate lab work, and special precautions in delivery are often the difference between life and death for an infant.

Shanti Uganda was successful in 2012 at assisting mothers in providing healthy and safe births for their children, but are running out of space and supplies.

If you could provide a way for 2000 women in Uganda to have access to a safe birth, immunizations for their children, HIV testing and information about family planning, wouldn't you?

Current Needs Are: 
  • An acre of land to expand Shanti Uganda's birth house and garden
  • Birth supplies and transportation for pregnant mothers
  • Solar power to light the birth house and laboratory
  • An office space to keep programs running strong

For more information, and opportunities to give visit Shanti Uganda:


NOTE: I was not compensated in any way for this post. This post is part of my commitment in being a Mom Blogger for Social Good and member of the Global Team of 200. 


  1. Thank you for sharing the mission of this organization. I am eager to find ways to teach my children on how to meet the needs of others, particularly marginalized women.

  2. What a fantastic organization- thank you so much for sharing! Although I've never personally been to Africa, I have worked with many people who've done mission trips to Uganda and helped organizations such as this one. It really is amazing how so little can go so far in the right hands!


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