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Monday, March 17, 2014

Favorite Nursing Maternity Pajamas from Olian & Cake Lingerie

As most of you know, I'm counting the days (literally) until "Baby McKinney #3" makes her arrival into this world.

Preparing for my third and FINAL hospital visit, I feel like I should have this all down to a science by now, right?

One of the things I AM sure of is to have some comfy & most of all functional nursing pajamas on hand after my FIVE STAR delivery (I'm hoping) is complete.

I've rounded up a few of my favorite maternity and/or nursing pajamas to give you an idea of what works for me.

#1. Olian Anne Abstract Print Nursing Pajamas

Aren't these pajamas just gorgeous? 

In the company's stock photos (below), I found it hard to see a lot of detail in the print as the photos are very bright and thought the design of the pajamas were only mediocre.

When I received a sample of these pajamas (including sleeveless V-neck top, pajama pants, robe and infant sleeping gown), I was instantly impressed. They look very vintage chic in their pattern and design, which I absolutely love, and the fabric is 100% Cotton and super soft and cozy.

I've seriously wanted to live in these since the day I received them. Hey, I actually could - which is another reason I recommend these pajamas.  The top (pictured above in blue) is roomy enough for my 9 month pregnant belly, but can already tell that they will be perfectly right for post-partum nursing as well. 

Stock Photo from Olian Maternity - Anne Abstract Print Nursing Pajama

You can purchase the Olian Anne Abstract Print Nursing Pajamas online as a set at: 
...and for for information, be sure to follow along with Olian Maternity on their Facebook Page here! 

#2. Cake Lingerie Blue Berry Torte Feeding Camisole & Lounge Pant

Sorry about the color issue in the photos above. The actual color is most like the stock photo below.

Talk about luxurious!  

This Blue Berry Torte Cami & Pant Set by Cake Lingerie is silky smooth against my skin, and I can imagine that no matter how uncomfortable I might be after giving birth to another 8 and a half pound baby, this pajama set is going to make me feel like a queen.

I ordered this set in a Small Pant and Medium Top since I have a wide ribcage (don't laugh) and it was the right choice for me.  Made of: 95% Modal and 5% Elastane, this material is stretchy and uber soft.

I do have a petite frame (ie. I'm short at 5'3) so I typically need adjustable straps since most necklines hang a little too low on me. I love that this cami has adjustable straps as well as the nursing snaps for easy access to feeding. The pant is a 3/4 length, so no tripping for me!

NOTE: This Nursing/Maternity Pajama Set also comes in Chocolate/White Polka Dot and Apple Crumble (greyish/lavender) colors. 

Stock Photo from Cake Lingerie - Blue Berry Torte Cami & Pant Set

You can purchase the Blue Berry Torte Cami & Pant Set online at: 
  • Cake Lingerie
  • A Mother's Boutique

and be sure to follow along with Cake Lingerie on their Facebook Page!

Well, I have my bag packed with these nursing pajamas, ready to go!

Now, cross your fingers and wish me luck that this baby comes to meet us all within the next few days!

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