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Friday, May 2, 2014

Mom Shortcuts With Laundry - Purex® No Sort® for Colors

I'm a mom.

Sometimes, I take shortcuts. 

....and I do lots and lots of laundry.

Purex® No Sort® for Colors laundry detergent helps me do just that - take shortcuts with my laundry. 

Wouldn't you love to just throw all your laundry into the same load without sorting and guessing which colors belong with which load.

Have you ever asked:

"does this black paisley print on a cream background belong with the light or the dark load?" 

Silly, I know.  But, those are the questions I ask myself all the time and still can't figure out.

Well, now I don't have to spend my precious brain power on what goes where with mine and my kiddos laundry.

This NEW Purex® No Sort® for Colors boasts Anti-Color-Transfer Technology™ so you can put your whites with your color clothing and for the most part be home free.

McKinney Mommas' Note: Of course, nothing is going to stop that brand new, never washed bright RED Tshirt from bleeding it's color all over your precious child's all white newborn take-home outfit, so don't be silly - but otherwise this stuff works like a charm. 

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  1. Thankfully I haven't had any laundry disasters lately.

  2. Every laundry day is a disaster with my fiance's smelly work clothes.

  3. no laundry disasters on my end.

  4. I only wash for myself and I have not had any disasters.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I washed a pack of gum with my colored clothes

  6. My latest laundry disaster happened when my daughter didn't take her crayons out of her pockets before throwing her shorts into the washer. Everyone's clothes had waxy blue mess all over them.

  7. My biggest mistake is not checking pockets before tossing laundry in the wash.

  8. I once washed a red sock with the whites. We ended up with some pink towels, and my husband had some pink socks.

  9. My latest disaster was getting oil on my shirt


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