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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#Popples Appearing on #Netflix and Round Table Pizza

I was given samples of these products for review purposes and a gift card to enjoy pizza with my family as a thank-you. All opinions are 100% my own and may not reflect that of the company described. 

Popples, netflix, walmart, round table pizza

If your kids are NETFLIX junkies like mine are (yes, we also go to the library, park, ride bikes and enjoy being outdoors daily) then they've probably seen the new Popples series "POP" up on their screen recently. 

You might remember Popples yourself, if you were a kid in the 80's. I remember wanting one of those cute, cuddly little guys that can roll themselves up into balls myself!

I was sent some awesome Popples swag which I surprised my little girls with today, and they were fans of the funny little furry creatures that can be folded up into their own pouches, right away.

Popples, netflix, walmart, round table pizza

I made them close their eyes before they got their surprise...

See how excited they were! 

What's better is that once they were holding their new buddies "Bubbles" and "Yikes" I let them watch their first episode of Popples, which is now streaming on Netflix.

mckinney mommas, Popples, netflix, walmart, round table pizza

While the content of the show might have been just a little over their heads (3 and 4yrs old) they had a fun time trying to find and point out their plush characters "Bubbles" and "Yikes" on the screen!  

So, if you have young kiddos who are looking for some new fun characters to watch, find Popples on Netflix, and to double their fun - the Popples plush toys are coming to in mid-November and will be in stores in December (just in time for the holidays).

mckinney mommas, Popples, netflix, walmart, round table pizza

Also, Round Table Pizza is partnering with Popples and Netflix to host a Family Buffet Night every Tuesday in November from 5-8pm, where families can enjoy unlimited pizza, salad and breadsticks for an affordable price!

We're going tomorrow....with our new Popples buddies - especially "Yikes" (pictured above) since his favorite food Duh. 

Did I forget to mention you can join me? Well, figuratively anyway. Have fun entering my giveaway for a FREE VIP pass to Round Table Pizza in your town!

Prize: Free Pizza - any size/type
  • Giveaway ends 11/30/15
  • Must be 18+ US/Resident

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