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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Texas Irons - Personalized BBQ & Grilling Gifts for Father's Day - Review & GIVEAWAY - ends 6/14

I have officially begun my search for great Father's Day Gifts and recently stumbled across what every good grilling daddy needs - some great BBQ and grilling tools - and based in Texas no less!

Texas Irons, featured in Maxim, Good Morning America, and ESPN has been providing fantastic personalized branding irons, BBQ and grilling tools to both occasional outdoor grilling dads and FULL ON BBQ fanatic fathers alike!

We all know that shopping for fathers is generally a hard task to undertake.  It seems like most dads have everything they need, and when they find something they want, they go out and buy it.  At least that's how MY dad and husband both are.  So, the best gifts are typically items they wouldn't purchase themselves and maybe don't even KNOW they need yet.

Rare, Medium, Well Classic Branding Iron Gift Set - $59.95 + FREE Shipping
When we grill with friends, we're always getting our steaks mixed up because while I like my steak cooked to medium, my husband likes his on the rare side, and his best friend prefers them well done (he's French Canadian - tee hee).

Luckily, Texas Irons sent me this super cool Branding Iron Gift Set to review that solves our steak mix up problem in seconds flat, and in a very rugged hip way! Plus it comes in a cool cedar gift box, so you don't have to worry about spending extra money on wrapping paper that dad won't care about anyway!

Here are some more branding irons your husband or father might love for a Father's Day Gift, available now at Texas Irons:

Rockin' Dad Brand Gift Set - $39.95 + FREE Shipping

Classic Steak Branding Iron with Cedar Hanging Board - $47.90 + FREE Shipping

His and Hers Classic Branding Iron Set - $49.95 + FREE Shipping

All of these branding iron sets, I know my husband would love to have and so would my father-in-law. Hey, my Father's Day shopping is DONE now, thanks to Texas Irons!

So, if you're not quite sure what your husband or father needs this Father's Day, check out the unique, and personalized branding irons at Texas Irons and get your Father's Day shopping wrapped up TODAY!

* Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING in the store *

PLUS, enter the Texas Irons Giveaway below:

 4 WINNERS will be chosen!

  •  (1) "Dad" Classic Steak Branding Iron w/ Cedar Hanging Board - $47.90 value 
  • (1) "Rare, Medium, Well" Classic Branding Iron set - $59.95
  • (1) "His and Hers" Classic Branding Iron Set - $49.95 value
  • (1) "Rockin' Dad" Brand Gift Set - $39.95 value 
  • Giveaway ends: June 14th, 2012
TO ENTER, click Read More >>> to complete Rafflecopter Entry Form below

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FREE Bowling at AMF Centers - ages 15 and younger!

Have kids at home that are 15 and younger?

Need to get them out of the house and moving around? 

Check out your local AMF Center!

AMF Centers is offering TWO FREE games of bowling each day for kiddos 15 and younger during their SUMMER UNPLUGGED promotions! 

  • WHAT: (2) FREE BOWLING GAMES, per day for all children 15 yrs and younger at AMF!
  • WHEN: Monday, May 14th - Monday, September 3rd, 2012 (7 days a week until 8:00pm)

  • WHERE: Find your closest participating AMF location, and complete an easy registration form here:

  • HOW: Once you complete the form, FREE game coupons will be emailed to you weekly. 
  • EXTRA INFO: Kid's meals will be available for only $3.29

    And if you don't think SUMMER bowling fun should just be for KIDS

    The AMF Summer Pass - is a fantastic deal for all those 16 and over - yes that includes YOU! 
    • $29.95 = 2 free games of bowling per day for up to (4) people - ages 16+ (shoe rental not included)
    • Available online at
    What SUMMER activities do YOU plan to do with your family?  Does one of them include summer bowling? 

    My peanut is a little young for bowling, I think. How young is too young to start at the lanes? Anyone? 
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    *Disclosure: I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

alternaVites - quick-melting multivitamin & mineral crystals - Review & GIVEAWAY - ends 6/5

What kid LOVES to take their vitamins?  Not yours?

What kid doesn't like the idea of sprinkling powdered candy into their mouth (like a pixie stick) in flavors like Strawberry Bubblegum and Raspberry Cotton Candy?

alternaVites, has come up with a fantastic and tasty way to get your kiddos to take their multi-vitamins. 

alternaVites for Kids, is a one-of-a-kind proprietary formula of vitamins and minerals in a crystal, powder form, designed to sprinkle on your kid's tongue like candy.  But get this...NO sugar or aspartame!

Reasons to choose alternaVites for Kids 
  • Contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives  
  • Contains ZERO grams of sugar
  • Certified kosher
  • Free of high fructose corn syrup & aspartame 

Many of the leading children's vitamins, that kids will actually TAKE are chock full of corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners to mask the vitamin's flavor.  That's what's great about alternaVites - NO sugar or corn syrup.

Also, if your child isn't fond of the powdered "candy" form, you can get creative and sprinkle alternaVites on their cereal, yogurt, or blend it into a tropical fruit shake for breakfast!

Recommended for children ages 4 and older, my kiddo is a little young to take a whole stick of these vitamins, but I gave her a few "licks" and she was SUPER excited!  In fact, since receiving a pack of these to sample, she points to the box every morning and does her sign language for "please" to have another taste!

So, I am quite confident your little peanuts and big kids too will welcome alternaVites with open hearts....AND MOUTHS!

Stay up to date on new information about alternaVites 

PLUS, I have an exclusive discount code that you can use for 20% off your order at the website. Just use the coupon code: "moms20" and while you're at it.....ENTER TO WIN a 1-month supply of alternaVites Kids below!


Win a 1-month supply of alternaVites Kids

  • Deadline: June 5th, 2012 
  • Click Read More >>> to complete Rafflecopter Entry Form - for one easy mandatory entry and a bunch of fun and easy bonus entries

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

[bump] babies Maternity Review & Giveaway - ends 6/10 - open to US/CAN

Expecting a bundle of joy to arrive soon?

Finding the selections at the maternity stores, boring and drab?

Want to rock some sexy maternity styles, that Hollywood celebs have been sighted in?

[bump] babies has you covered.

I was recently sent two beautiful tees to review from [bump], which stands for "babies under manufacturing process." How cute is that?  

Creation - $69 SALE (MSRP: $99)

This beautiful maternity tee, "Creation" is one of the six colors and designs available in the Peace, Love & [bump] collection,  hand-drawn and inspired by the colors of India.

This tee can be worn during pregnancy and beyond, as it has these two cool and stylish zippers on the shoulder, to allow for easy nursing access if you're planning on nursing that little bambino-to-be! [bump] also says that the 3 inch band across the bottom of the tee can be pulled down and worn as a sexy dress.  Hey, YOU go for it girl, because I'm leaving this one alone!

Rhythm - $69 SALE (MSRP: $99)

The second item I was sent was this awesome tee, "Rhythm" also from the Peace, Love & [bump] collection.  The super cool design, including a guitar-like pattern in the middle, is a must-have for any rockin' mamas-to-be.  This design also includes the zipper shoulders for nursing if needed after pregnancy. There are a few choice placed, Swarvoski crystals to "bling" out the design, but not TOO many to be distraction or gaudy.

I actually had to wear a tank top underneath these tees as the neckline plunges a bit too far for me, but a more "blessed" woman in the upper area would probably be just fine with the neckline.

Be sure to order your Peace, Love & [bump] tees before May 31st, as the SALE price of $69 will most likely be returning to the original MSRP of $99 each!

[bump] also has a fun selection of [bump]-daddy tees and other tees with fun sayings like:

  • make [bump] not war
  • got [bump]?
  • I'm not fat [bump] on board
  • and sympathy [bump] (for the daddy-to-be)

Like what you see?  
Check out more [bump] at: 

Want to WIN both tees from my review?
  • One lucky winner will receive both tees, valued at $198.00
  • Giveaway ends June 10th, 2012 - OPEN TO US AND CANADA!
  • Click Read More >>> below to complete entry form to WIN (1) "Rhythm" and (1) "Creation" tee from the Peace, Love & [bump] collection

Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Steps to Successfully Potty Train using My Big Star Reward Chart! PLUS GIVEAWAY!

I am currently getting prepared to begin potty training my 15 month old, she's showing interest already so I thought I'd let her take the lead. I'm gathering products and information to help arm me with the best practices to help her succeed once we begin.  The Victoria Chart Company contacted me and has some tools that may assist with this exciting and daunting task.  Here is a guest post with some great tips and tools YOU and I can use on our adventures into Potty Training our children!

Potty training can prove to be a messy business and the thought of starting it a daunting one! We are The Victoria Chart Company, a leading developer of children’s reward charts, and are very familiar with this challenge. After all it is the No. 1 reason a parent will buy My Big Star Chart, our toddler reward chart.

We would like to help and guide you through this process.

Below are 10 steps to successfully potty train using My Big Star Chart as a rewarding tool for kids!

1. Make sure your child is ready. Signs of readiness consist of your child staying dry for at least a couple of hours, they show an interest in bathroom activities, they take themselves to a quiet place or tell you when they are doing something. Summer is the ideal time to potty train - less clothes are worn and time spent outside make the little accidents easier to deal with.

2 Plan for it. Potty training is a process that will require a lot effort, not only from yourself but from friends, family members and carers involved with your child. Purchase your My Big Star Chart using your 15% OFF coupon code ‘VCHART15’ in advance of starting the process. Decide upon a date from which you will all start - it is from this date you say good bye to diapers during the day.

3 Set up your chart. Hang your My Big Star Chart in a clear, visible place. This will be a central focus for you and your child to work from. Place the potty training sticker in the top position of the chart. Let your child know that this will be their special sticker for using their potty and they can earn lots of rewards. You may like to add some other activities to the chart too.

4. Teamwork, consistency and routine from all involved will help your child reach their goal. You may like to forewarn visitors of your efforts so they can be positive and encourage as you do. Forwarding these notes to those people who look after your child in your absence will help them to achieve the same goal. Children will love showing friends and family their chart.

5. Actively involve your child with their potty. You may like to take your child on a shopping trip to choose their potty - which color would they like? Is there a character one they particularly like? Tell them it will be their own special potty, they may even like to choose a name for it. Decorating the potty with stickers will help them take ownership of it. You may like to demonstrate their special toy using the potty. 

6. Prepare your child. Encourage your child to sit on their potty before they properly start using it, practice putting on pants and washing their hands to complete the task. It is at this point you should start praising and rewarding your child with a smiley face reward sticker, remember to tell them how well they are doing.

7. Don’t rush your child when they use the potty. Let them look at a book, or listen to short story for a few quiet moments when sitting on the potty. Blowing bubbles is another great way to encourage them to sit still. Tell them it is a good try and well done for sitting nicely even if they don’t achieve anything, again reward them with a smiley face sticker for their efforts.

8. Be patient, positive and consistent. Be patient, potty training does not happen over night. Positive interaction will help your child achieve their new skill, and feel good about their progress. Accidents will happen but continue to keep up the routine, when you choose not to use diapers - stick with it! Going back and forth between diapers and pants gives your child a confused message. If you experience naughtiness or defiance - stay calm, ignore it do not reward.

 9. On the go. Long journeys will take slightly more preparation than usual. You will need to make more regular stops so make sure you leave enough traveling time. Pack all familiar supplies including books and toys when using the potty on route. You may like to take some reward stickers for the journey - children love wearing these.

10. Achieving success in a short amount of time, you will start to see great results.  Use the enclosed gold star reward stickers to reward when your child does exceptionally well, such as asking to use the potty, using the potty on their own, remembering to wash their hands, or choosing to use the grown-up toilet.

We wish you every success!


My Big Star Chart is available to purchase online at The Victoria Chart Company  for $18.99.

Use coupon code ‘VCHART15’ and get 15% OFF of our whole range of products.

Join us on Facebook at to stay up to date with offers and free downloads.


 Win your choice of Reward Chart from The Victoria Chart Company

(up to $18.99 value)
CLICK Read More > > > to complete giveaway entry form

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quiznos Coupon to print - only $2.99 for a combo meal!

When I'm on the run, I don't mind grabbing a Quiznos sandwish now and then. Here's a great coupon deal you can print off today. Hurry, the coupon won't be available for long!


And here are a few MORE coupons for Quiznos you can print off today!


Leading Lady - Lace Underwire Bra GIVEAWAY - ends 6/7

Guest post on behalf of: NaturalHairLatina

Finding a full figure bra with comfort and support is a bit of a task. Not to mention the limited selection and costly price for full figure. Thanks to Leading Lady  and the opportunity to review
Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure Bra (5044) in the color black. Guess what? The comfort and support with Leading Lady is a winner.

It all started with two slightly used sewing machines and a man with a whole lot of ambition.

Leading Lady is founded in 1939 after Frank Farino. 
Leading Lady Brand is best known for manufacturing nursing and full figure intimate specialty apparel and accessories. Read more (_HERE_)

Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure Bra (5044)


Back: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Lace: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
Exclusive of trim

Hand wash. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line dry. Iron as needed using low temperature.

Country of Origin: Imported

Lightly padded cups and straps
Side coverage

Only, available in black, nude and white.

Having the ability to shop for quality, support and comfort online is at your fingertips with Leading Lady. First, I thought the lace would itch. To my surprise, NO! Second, I was highly impressed with the support and full side coverage under arms. I could lift arms with ease and have coverage on sides. Also, no protruding under wire. Last, comfortable fit for day or night. Leading Lady is quality at reasonable and affordable prices.

Source: (Italic)

Our friends at Leading Lady  would like to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure Bra (5044)

Please complete rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: NaturalHairLatina or Event Bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. Full disclosure on rafflecopter

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review & GIVEAWAY - ends 6/5 - US/CAN

  Coconut Oil?  

When I think of Coconut Oil, I think of a tanned beach bum, slathering them self up to "crisp" in the sun back in the 80's. Did we really do that? I know my dad used to use baby oil to tan with...YUCK! Well, after receiving a sample of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, I have a new picture in mind.

It's a picture of me in the kitchen, cooking up some delicious concoctions, getting great antioxidant benefits from cooking with this unrefined coconut oil. No heat treatments are used in the production of this oil, so all the natural health benefits are still intact by being cold-pressed.

Tropical Traditions recommends replacing your polyunsaturated oils (vegetable oils like corn & soy), with coconut oil.  Due to the high heat stability, coconut oil can be used to fry and cook other foods at very high heat temperatures. It also has a high level of saturated fat, which makes it stable, resistant to rancidity and able to last for up to 2 years!

I had fun incorporating the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil into my diet for a week, to try out the product. I cooked up some shrimp for dinner, replacing my olive oil with coconut oil, wow it added a deliciously fresh and sweet coconut essence to the whole dish

I also added a tiny bit to my hot coffee, instead of sugar or a sweet flavored syrup, the coconut oil added a nice mellow coconut flavor. I instantly thought of how delicious it would taste in a blended coffee drink (that will be for next week) - I'd call mine the Iced Coconut Coffee Frappe or Mocha!

NOTE: Please be sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist before making any major diet changes, as each person's need for fat intake is different depending on existing health concerns.  

And now for the FUN PART..................


Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Win 1 quart of  Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!
Tropical Traditions is America's source for coconut oil. Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil? You can also watch the video they produced about Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil:
Tropical Traditions also carries other varieties of affordable high quality coconut oil. Visit their website to check on current sales, to learn about the many uses of coconut oil, and to read about all the  advantages of buying coconut oil online. Since the FDA does not want us to discuss the health benefits of coconut oil on a page where it is being sold or given away, here is the best website to read about the health benefits of coconut oil.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

PriceBlink Review - browser add-on to get the best coupon codes and price comparison for online shopping

I was asked to check out and share my experience with all of you. What is, you may ask?

PriceBlink is an add-on for your browser that “automatically finds lower prices and money-saving coupons from thousands of retailers while you shop. PriceBlink stays hidden until you are shopping.”- excerpt from PriceBlink website

Let's see how this works. From their homepage, I just clicked on a big banner that says “Add to Firefox”, easy as pie! I see that this application is also available for Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. 

 I went ahead and followed the prompts to Add-On this application to my browser. Wow, that was quick it installed in less than 5 seconds. Ready to SHOP!

Since I'm shopping for a birthday gift for my nephew, I click on Kohl' In an instant I see a small PriceBlink toolbar on my screen that says, there is a 20% off coupon available for any Kohl's order. SWEET! I love to save money, and wouldn't have known about this coupon otherwise. There is an arrow, that if I click also shows me a few other coupons I can use, “Free Shipping with $50 order” or “Extra 15% off A2 Sandals and Shoes” - good to know.

When I clicked on the banner that told me about the 20% off coupon, it went directly to a PriceBlink page that said it copied the coupon code to my clipboard. So, I went ahead with my shopping and found a pair of swim shorts and super soaker water gun for my nephew who loves to play outdoors during the summer.

When I viewed the product (water gun) on Kohl's, a PriceBlink toolbar appears that says “View All Prices” - when clicked it displayed the various prices for the same item at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us and more. Hey, looks like Kohl's is actually giving me a great price for this item!

I went ahead and began the check out process, and found that the coupon code wasn't automatically entered into my shopping bag upon checkout, but that's okay because the PriceBlink toolbar was still active upon check out, and I easily copied and pasted the 20% off coupon into my cart. IT WORKED!

I saved a whole $5 bucks on my total order, thanks to PriceBlink, and found that I got the best deal since no other stores carried the items for less! 

At the end of my PriceBlink shopping experience, I had money saved and my mind was resting at ease, knowing I got the best deal out there today!

Thanks PriceBlink, you're my new favorite online shopping buddy!

*Disclosure: I was given a store gift code by the company to use in order to facilitate this review. As always my opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced by the complimentary gift code.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why doesn't a 15-month old understand "Let's just get our TOES wet?"

Decided to get my little peanut out of the house for a bit today, so we took a stroll down to the neighborhood park.

Living in Texas, you basically only have a small window of time between 7-8:00 am to go outdoors before it gets too hot (or so it seems).  

Apparently, arriving to the playground at 10:00am, we missed our window as the slides and equipment were literally so hot, they were burning my hand to the touch. My poor little peanut didn't quite understand why she couldn't play at the park.

It was so hot, and I felt so bad, that I took her next door to the community pool where there is a shallow "splash pad" like area to tip her toes in the water.

Can anyone tell me why a 15-month old doesn't understand:

"We don't have our swimsuits on, so let's just WALK in the water"

......................well, at least we were both "refreshed" on the hot walk home!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Win a ConceiveEasy® Trying to Conceive (TTC) Kit - $152 Value - ends 5/31

It's a roller coaster of emotions when you're trying to start a family, or add to your brood. The seemingly endless amount of money spent on pregnancy tests, the waiting....the waiting....and more waiting is enough to make any woman go crazy.

Every woman is different and it seems as though many have no trouble trying to conceive, and yet others can try to conceive (TTC) for years without any success. I know women in my life from both spectrums.

If you're ready to take your commitment of trying to conceive (TTC) to the next level, but not ready for fertility doctors and invasive treatments, ConceiveEasy - TTC Kit is ready to help.

ConceiveEasy, is an all inclusive kit, designed to meet your conception needs on many levels. The ConceiveEasy Kit™ comes with:

This company stands behind their product with a FREE 30-day trial, with no obligation to buy if you're not satisfied with the products.

How Does it Work? 

ConceiveEasy® is pill that you take, once daily with food, which provides monthly support to your  reproductive system.  Each subsequent month, has a unique pharmaceutical grade blend, to increase your chances of conception, dramatically. 

This unique, clinically tested formula showed that women using ConceiveEasy®, had an increase of 33% in their chances of getting pregnant in just 28 days without unpleasant side effects or dangerous fertility drugs.

* Of course, I am not a medical doctor, and always encourage you to seek the advice of your medical professional prior to beginning or ending any medical (herbal or otherwise) treatment. *

WIN your own: Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit ™  
(a $152 value)
  • Click Read More >>> to complete the Rafflecopter Form to enter giveaway!  
*Since I am currently expecting, I was not able to use the TTC kit myself and instead was compensated for my time spent researching and writing this article and hosting a giveaway for the company. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Father's Day Event with Makobi Scribe - accepting sign ups now!

It is a perfect time to find what gifts you would like to give to your father. Makobi Scribe is proud to present Father's Day Event - Giveaway Event from June 10 12:01 PM EST to June 18  at midnight EST and is accepting signups now.

McKinney Mommas will be participating in this Father's Day Event, and giving away great prizes. So, stay tuned!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommas!

Happy Mother's Day to all you MOMMAS out there!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you from me and the peanut!

Here are a few giveaways you can enter today (if you haven't already) because YOU deserve something special this month!

And don't forget to tell yourself that YOU ARE AWESOME today! Because, YOU ARE! :-) 
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids Exclusive - 30-90% off retail prices on children's clothing

I'm sure all you shopping mommas out there have heard of Totsy, and Zulily, right?

But, have you heard about Kids Exclusive?

Kids Exclusive offers children's clothing at 30-90% off retail prices and SURPRISE-SURPRISE, ships within 24 hours of placing the order.

I won't name names, but when I have ordered from other discounted children's clothing sites, it literally takes WEEKS, if not an entire month to receive my order. So, quick shipping is a huge BONUS in my book.

Take a look at the CUTE stuff we got from Kids Exclusive, recently: 

My peanut in a gorgeous Best of Chums dress from Kids Exclusive

She loves this 100% cotton dress for Spring/Summer!

See the cute hand stitched Octopus detail?

So, check out Kids Exclusive when you have the chance. No need to "join" as a member or anything complicated like that.........

Just SHOP and SAVE!

*Disclosure: I was given a gift certificate to Kids Exclusive in exchange for a guest post on their blog. As always, all opinions are my own and were not influenced by the complimentary gift certificate.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Test Post for Technorati - please disregard


Premama Prenatal Vitamin Mix - Review & GIVEAWAY - ends 5/25

Is this going to be your FIRST Mother's Day?  If so, congratulations!

Are you pregnant, or trying to conceive, but not having a great experience with your prenatal vitamins?

Premama Prenatal Vitamin Mix, just might be the answer you've been looking for.  Scientifically designed to mix in with your favorite juice, iced tea or other beverage; this is an easy alternative to taking your prenatal vitamins the "old-fashioned" way.  

I know plenty of women, who HATE swallowing vitamins, and experience nausea & constipation when taking their prenatal pills - so the idea of drinking them in your favorite liquid sounds like a great solution to me.

I received a sample of Premama, and found it to be absolutely easy to use, as they come in little, one serving (sugar-like) packets that you can easily pour into any 6oz of liquid. If you're on the go, you don't need to hide a pillbox, in your purse, just slip one of these tiny little packets in your wallet, and you're good to go! Plus, I experienced no nausea or stomach discomfort after taking Premama!

What's INSIDE Premama?
  • Biotin - to support embryo growth*
  • B Vitamins - provide extra energy*
  • DHA Omega-3 fatty acid - has been suggested to support fetal cognitive development*
  • Coenzyme Q10 - may help protect against preeclampsia*
  •  Choline - protects against neural tube defects*
  • Ginger Root - reduces nausea*
  • Folic Acid - proven to reduce the risk of some birth defects by up to 70%*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Thinking about trying Premama? How about WINNING a 30-day supply, instead? Enter below!

Prize: 30-day supply of Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix
Deadline: May 25, 2012
Mandatory Entry (1)
(1) Leave Comment: Visit Premama, come back and tell us something (anything) you learned!

Optional Bonus Entries (4)
 (leave a comment for each entry)

(3) FOLLOW @drinkpremama and @mckinneymommas on TWITTER
(5) TWEET about this giveaway (be sure to mention @drinkpremama and @mckinneymommas)

* I was given a sample of Premama in order to facilitate this review. As always, my opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced by the complimentary sample. Also, I am not a doctor and have no authority to verify any medical or nutritional claims made here. Please check with your medical provider before taking any new medications or supplements.

Orville Redenbacher's Ready to Eat Popcorn!

I just received a sample of Orville Redenbacher's Ready to Eat Farmhouse Cheddar Popcorn!

Talk about a cheesy blast!  I'm always looking for new snacks for my little one, as she seems to constantly tire of her "favorites" and need a new "favorite" snack within a week. She helped me open the package it was shipped in and proceeded to dig in right away.

If you haven't already seen these new Ready to Eat Popcorn options at your local grocery store, keep your eyes peeled because they're on the way in the following flavors:

  • Sharp White Cheddar
  • Signature BBQ
  • Classic Kettle Korn
  • Farmhouse Cheddar

Thanks to: The Dish and ConAgra Foods for the sample provided!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vote for my recipe, and WIN Paypal cash for yourself!

Okay, so I don't post TOO many self-serving articles do I ?

Well this one kinda is....but not entirely, as YOU can win a prize too!

I'm in the running to win $500 worth of awesome kitchen gear for my "Crimini Mushroom and Crispy Potato Wilted Spinach Salad with Raspberry Balsamic Dressing" recipe in the Zuuzs Grand Spring Recipe Challenge!

Will you HELP me WIN? 
(you can win TOO)

* Each vote you place (you can vote daily until May 27th, 2012) gives YOU an entry to  
WIN (1) of (5) $20 Cash prizes from PayPal!

Crimini Mushroom & Crispy Potato Wilted Spinach Salad

You can help me by VOTING once, or every 24 hours from today until the deadline on May 27th.

* When you click on the link above - there is a toolbar at the top that says "Register to Vote" - then you'll be all set to vote daily for my recipe and be entered to WIN a paypal cash PRIZE!

So, see maybe it's not an ENTIRELY selfish post after all? :-)

Thanks so much in advance, and GOOD LUCK to ALL!

Win a Bouquet of Flowers for Mom!

Cool Giveaway for Mother's Day - you can win a Bouquet of Flowers for you mom and a $25 subscription to a Woman's Digital Magazine.

Everyone is a winner in this contest as all valid entrants receive a FREE lifetime subscription to VIVmag, the leading women's online digital magazine. The contest ends May 10 so enter today!