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Sunday, November 27, 2011

GIVEAWAY - $36 worth of manufacturer coupons - expires 12/9/11

Is your budget ready for all those extra HOLIDAY purchases

I know my "regular" grocery and household shopping budget is going to see a pinch, due to the extra shopping trips in December for gifts.

* an example of the coupons you could receive - not actual photo of this giveaway prize *

So, in honor of the season we're hosting a giveaway for

GIVEAWAY ~ $36.00 worth of coupons
  • Usable at any of your local stores that take coupons
  • Some expire 12/31/11, but most not until after the New Year 2012!
  • Pilsbury, Yoplait, Duracell, Betty Crocker coupons and more
  • Baby coupons: $1 off Playtex pacifiers, $5 off Braun ear thermometer
  • Mandatory entry: follow us via GFC and LIKE our FB page PLUS optional 7 additional entry options!

ENTER TO WIN before 12/9/11: by completing the Rafflecopter form below! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just wanted to wish your family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Graphic by: David Castillo Dominici
Are you up baking already? It's just us three at home this holiday, but the festivities have already begun.

The duck is defrosting, cranberries popping, bread being dried for homemade stuffing and veggies getting peeled for the oven.

I hope this day. you are able to spend with loved ones and reflect on the small wonders this year you can be thankful for.

Wishing your family love!

Shiloh @ McKinney Mommas

Monday, November 21, 2011

Roberto Felisati Salon - Review & Special Deal $99.95 for Cut, Color & Style

I've worn my hair long, past my waist and short like a little pixie. I've been styled and colored by pricey up-and-coming hair designers in Los Angeles, and when short on cash, cheap JCPenny's salons. 

 Throughout the years, I've had both good and bad haircuts, and it all boils down to a hair stylist's creativity and mastery of their technique.

I was delighted to receive an offer to visit the Roberto Felisati Salon in Highland Park last Saturday to review a cut, color and style. 

The brand-new (only 2 months old) salon is in a fantastic location, on Oak Lawn Avenue in the Highland Park area. You don't have to worry about parking, because there is complimentary valet at the Equinox Gym next door.

I was greeted by a lovely host of ladies, given a robe to wear and seated in the very modern, chic styling area in front of a full length mirror. A drink was offered to wet my whistle, “yes please.”

The very competant Jacqueline, reviewed some different hair colors with me and we decided on a red hue, similar to my current (very grown out) color. She ran our deciscion by the owner, Roberto and was given the “thumbs up.” She was quick to mix the color and applied it with what seemed to be a very practiced hand. Can I mention that the scent was actually pleasant and absolutely no burn (shouldn't it always be that way?)

As I sat, letting the color develop. I could hear the melodic cadence of Italian being spoken next to me. Roberto, the owner and international hair stylist himself, was working on a beautiful head of hair next to me. This middle-aged, Italian woman appeared pleased as can be with Roberto making some final snips and blowing out her hair to perfection. Her smile as she waltzed out the door was more than a mere stamp of approval. She was delighted.  

Roberto moved seamlessly from one client to the next, lending his experienced hand to a cut here, a blow dry there and this crazy coloring method called “Shatush”. One woman was kind enough to let me take a photo of this technique, of backcombing the hair into points (think punk rocker) afterwhich the highlight or color is added close to but not at the root which apparently makes for an incredibly natural "sun-kissed" outcome in the coloring process. 


After my color was washed out, and a “restoring shot” was applied to repair the hair cuticles after coloring I was ready for the master stylist, Roberto to begin.

Italian born, Roberto Felisati has salons in Monterrey, Mexico and Milan, Italy. So, he is no stranger to high fashion in hair design. If I would have known prior to my visit that he's worked with renowned designers like Giorgio Armani and Versace I may have been slightly more intimidated by the thought of his skilled hands on my head

There wasn't much I needed to explain to Roberto, before he had a vision of what my hairstyle should look like and went to task. Knowing his pedigree, I gave him license to be creative, and creative he was.

Using techniques and tools, I've never seen before like the “killer”, a tool made in Japan, but only available in Italy to create texture and depth to the haircut he worked his way through the design. 

After a super quick blow dry and style I was done. Done, and DELIGHTED!

I loved that he took less than 10 minutes to blow out my hair, and didn't use a bunch of different size brushes or products to style my hair. In fact, he used only a small round brush and no products at all.

I found out, that's one of the added benefits from having an expert Italian stylist do your haircut. He knew exactly how to shape my hair, so that it wouldn't need a bunch of chemicals and hair tools to make my unruly hair, behave. 

Roberto, does offer a selection of products, however they are primarily restorative like, keratin repair lotions, and gentle color-safe shampoos and hair moisturizing masks.

I have to mention, that I have never had a haircut that was so easy to style once I was home. You know how you always look great when you walk out of the salon, but then when you wash your hair at home and try to “replicate” the style, it never looks as good?

Well, have no fear, Roberto will give you a cut that is easy to maintain and looks chic, natural and classically beautiful.

Before: flat and no shape to this haircut


After: dimension, height and texture (with NO need for products!)

After: side view
After: LOVING it!

If you hurry into Roberto Felisati's Salon before November 30th, 2011 you can get a Cut, Color and Blow Dry by the MASTER stylist, Roberto Felisati, himself for only $99.95!  (* Normal price for JUST a cut by Roberto is $120.00 without this discount * )

Just mention this special promotion when you call to schedule (214-521-4422) and be ready to be treated to one FANTASTIC hairstyle, you're sure to LOVE! 

Roberto Felisati
Italian Hairstyle
4023 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 120
Highland Park Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 521-4422 

* Note: I received a free cut and color in return for my honest opinion and review.  My opinions and thoughts are my own and were not influenced in any way by the complimentary services.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun times at the Hanna Andersson Sneak Peek Event! Take 15% off until 12/4/11 - Frisco location

 I packed my little munchkin into her baby bjorn last night and headed out to Stonebriar Centre (for the first time) to hang out at the Hanna Andersson Sneak Peek Event!

Megan was at the door to greet us and hand out raffle tickets to the ladies in attendance, as well as gift bags! 

Good thinking, Hanna Andersson, for using earth friendly, re-usable shopping bags for the goodie bags! The shoppers were happy to find the goodie bags, full of coupons, a kid's DVD, and some great coupons.

Lots of ladies turned out for the event, and mulled over the endless racks of CUTE clothes.  Stopping to snack on cupcakes and lemonade that was provided for us. There were giveaways and super sweet and helpful staff cruising around to assist as needed. 

My 9 month old, LOVED this Hanna Andersson Monster hat! Tons of cute hats to choose from!
Double Warm Monster Hat
...and I think I've finally decided on a Christmas dress for my little peanut....

Merry Till Midnight Baby Dress - Hanna Andersson
Cute, right?

All in all, it was a successful event that I'm happy to have been a part of.  

If you didn't make it out last night, TODAY is their official Grand Opening so head over to the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX and take advantage of 15% off your ENTIRE purchase until December 4th!