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Monday, September 29, 2014

Green Scene Mom 2014 Award Winning Prize Giveaway!

How awesome is this? 

You can win the "best of the best" in eco-friendly mom/kid products all in one place with this amazing bundle of products from the 2014 Green Scene Mom Award Winners!
Green Scene Mom 2014 Fall Award Winners

The Green Scene Mom Awards celebrate niche, eco-friendly products and innovative product designs. We are very excited to announce the 2014 Fall Award Winners! Many of these great companies have also contributed prizes to Green Scene Mom's Fall Awards Giveaway. 

Enter to win below!

Baby Buddy Tooth TissuesBaby Buddy Tooth TissuesTooth Tissues make cleaning a baby's teeth simple and easy to introduce regular oral care to a young child. Tooth Tissues are the natural first step to brushing a child's teeth after every meal and they're a simple way to ensure a baby isn't negatively affected by oral bacteria. Award Details »
bambu natural utensilsbambu natural utensilsbambu's natural feeding products are an eco-friendly twist on conventional baby utensils. Each product is created to meet a need within the various stages from infancy to childhood and each item is shaped to be easy to use by kids learning to feed themselves. Award Details »
Bumkins Finer Baby ProductsBumkins Finer Baby ProductsBumkins has a huge selection of eco-friendly products that are available in coordinating prints. Bumkins waterproof bags and cloth diapers are easy to use and clean and help reduce household trash. Award Details »
Buttons Cloth DiapersButtons Cloth DiapersButtons Cloth Diapers make diapering easy and Eco-friendly. Their new prints are so adorable and feature quality details, sturdy leg gussets, and a simple adjustable snap system that allows the diaper to grow with your baby. Award Details »
Cache Coeur Signature Maternity LingerieCache Coeur Signature Maternity LingerieCache Coeur offers elegant solutions for pregnancy and nursing to make life more comfortable and stylish. Their lingerie line includes designs that are functional and embellished with feminine details. Award Details »
Cupcake Organic Nursing PadsCupcake Organic Nursing PadsCupcake Nursing Pads are made from high-quality cotton and are easy to assemble and clean. They offer great coverage in preventing leaks and provide peace of mind while breastfeeding. Award Details »
Cushy CloserCushy CloserCushy Closers are an innovative and streamlined way to keep a door from latching. They are ideal for use on doors to rooms where kids are napping, since the cushion allows the door to be closed but muffles any door closing sounds. Award Details »
Eepples MilkCharmsEepples MilkCharmsEepples MilkCharms are designed to help moms easily label, track, and organize their breast milk supply. The MilkCharm is a reusable dial system that lets moms quickly and easily set and read the day and time when breast milk was pumped. Award Details »
Emily Press Write Your Own LabelsEmily Press Write Your Own LabelsEmily Press waterproof labels are an innovative way to create your own personalized labels. Write on the labels with a permanent marker then seal in your writing with the built-in laminate. These dishwasher-safe labels make it easy to personalize or label your items. Award Details »
It's The Balm Pregnancy Pamper KitIt's The Balm Pregnancy Pamper KitIt's The Balm Pregnancy Pamper Kit includes belly balm, cooling foot scrub, whipped foot balm, and peppermint lip balm, each created with a combination of natural and essential oils formulated to heal and soothe. Organic raw shea butter, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil are among the natural ingredients used in this natural pampering kit. Award Details »
Lotus Everywhere CribLotus Everywhere CribThe Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family is an everywhere crib designed for easy portability and set up. It has mesh breathable sides all the way down to the mattress and a zipper opening in one side for easy access into the crib. The crib can be set up in 15 seconds and it fits into a compact case small enough for a carry-on. Award Details »
Milkies Milk-SaverMilkies Milk-SaverThe Milkies Milk-Saver collects leaking breast milk as a mom nurses, allowing them to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when breast milk lets down. It's slim and portable, minimizes leaks and comes with a durable case. Award Details »
Poncho Baby Roly BlanketsPoncho Baby Roly BlanketsThe Poncho Baby Roly Blanket is a super-soft blanket that rolls into a compact clutch for easy carrying. The blanket is made from a double layer of soft cotton. It rolls up and attaches with a snap fastener. Award Details »
Rubber Ducky & Friends Kids' ShowerheadRubber Ducky & Friends Kids' ShowerheadRubber Duckie & Friends showerheads are a fun way to introduce showering to young children. The character shower heads look like bath toys and help parents transition their kids from bathing in the tub to taking showers on their own. Award Details »
Shaikoo Hands Free TowelShaikoo Hands Free TowelThe Shaikoo Towel Wrap was designed to simplify bath time and make baby bathing a fun, safe and relaxing experience. With a simple and durable Velcro-brand fastener around the neck, parents have both their left and right hands available to safely lift, cradle, and dry their wet baby. Award Details »
Strider Sport BikeStrider Sport BikeStrider Bikes are easy to use by toddlers and kids who can't pedal yet. They also allow kids to "skip" the tricycle stage and advance to mastering gliding and balance skills that will help them eventually ride a standard bike. Award Details »
Tubby TableTubby TableThe Tubby Table is an educational bath play surface for toddlers that suctions in the middle of the tub, giving kids a sturdy and safe surface while keeping water and toys inside the tub. Award Details »
Yummi Gear LunchboxesYummi Gear LunchboxesYummi Gear lunchboxes make it easy to take lunch on the go. They are designed to be easy to open for little fingers and keep lunch organized. Yummi Gear lunchboxes have 3 compartments to keep a sandwich, snacks and fruit separate and ready to enjoy. Award Details »
Zipadee-Zip Wearable BlanketZipadee-Zip Wearable BlanketZipadee-Zip helps a baby have the cozy, enclosed, womb-like feel of the swaddle but it allows a baby push up, roll over, and wiggle around safely and freely. It encourages self-soothing and longer, sounder sleep, prevents scratching, and keeps little hands warm all night long. Award Details »

Enter to win this amazing $400 prize package of award winning products!

Baby Buddy Tooth Tissues Milkies Milk-Saver CupCake nursing pads + insertable liners Eepples MilkCharms set of 3
2 Zipadee-Zip wearable blankets
Bumkins 2 Nixi wet bags, 2 reusable snack bags, and 2 Snap-In-One cloth diapers
2 packages Emily Press Write Your Own Classic labels
It's The Balm Vanilla-Sandalwood Spa Kit Yummi Gear lunchboxes set of 4 Rubber Duckie & Friends Duckie the Duck Bath & Shower Wand Poncho Baby Roly Blanket Tubby Table bathtime play table Buttons Diapers 1 one-size diaper cover and 2 hemp/cotton diaper inserts bambu Hemp Denim baby bib
Fall Awards Giveaway - Green Scene Mom
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eat Light At Night - Salata Grand Opening Frisco, TX

I wasn't able to attend the grand opening of the restaurant, Salata in Frisco, so I send my trusty sidekick, Erica R. on a mission - to "Eat Light At Night" - and here she goes......................

Salad Bar Concept Frisco Texas

Salata has opened a new location in Frisco, so I grabbed a couple of girlfriends to come with me and try it out! In case Salata is new to you, it's a salad bar concept that allows you to choose everything in your bowl or wrap.

No premade dinners here, only fresh ingredients that you choose!

You create your own salad or wrap by telling the employee what you would like and he doles out an appropriate portion. The cleanliness of the serving line is immediately noticeable; foods are not accidentally mixed together and everything looks very bright & fresh. 

Step 1
You get to choose your base of greens and vegetables.

Step 2. 
Pick a few of your favorite additions like beans, eggs, cheese or even fruit if you like.

Step 3. 
Top your salad with a delicious house-made dressing.

Step 4. 
Go all vegetarian?  Or add some tasty proteins like chicken or seafood.

If at any point, you're not sure what you want? You can have a sample and see what you like best. 

SIDE NOTE: On your first visit, I would recommend walking down the serving line first. We jumped right in and by the time we got to our dressings we realized we were just throwing yummy things into our salad and weren’t planning how these things were going to taste in the end. Oops! Check out all your choices and try any samples you may want. Then go back to the beginning and start your salad once you know what you want on it.

Lemon vinaigrette and seafood salad mckinneymommas
Lemon vinaigrette & seafood mix

My salad had an amazing lemon vinaigrette dressing and seafood mix (crab meat, herb marinated shrimp and lobster) with avocado, beans and a lot of veggies. I also added a piece of pesto bread, which was just right to round out my meal.

Seriously, it was the best salad I’ve had in long time.

The store had three types of lemonade and three types of unsweetened tea to choose from, I tried the peach lemonade. I liked that the sweetness of the peach canceled out the tart of the lemonade. Our group also liked the raspberry lemonade. 

Salata has a small dessert selection as well.

balsamic vinaigrette herb marinated shrimp salad
Balsamic vinaigrette and herb marinated shrimp

The menu is priced on whether you choose a salad or wrap, and whether you choose vegetarian, or go the meat route with chicken or seafood. 

The kid’s menu is a smaller price for the smaller portion of the salad or wrap. 

If you are gluten free, let them know when you order and they will take steps necessary to accommodate your dietary needs. 

They sell their dressings in 12 ounce bottles, which are all-natural with no preservatives, so they will last 2-3 weeks once opened.

herb marinated grilled chicken salata mckinney mommas
Fresh Herb vinaigrette & Herb Marinated Grilled Chicken with croutons

The atmosphere of Salata is nice, clean & fresh. The hardest part of the evening was deciding what to put in the salad!

Eat Light At Night! 
[Buy One / Get One FREE Salad or Wrap]

Salata is currently having an “Eat Light at Night” Promotion through October 20. The promotion encourages you to eat 500 calories or less at dinner, and include lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. 

You can participate by joining their mobile club; simply text SALATA to 777111. You will receive a buy one get one free salad or wrap after 4PM offer, as well as other coupons and discounts throughout the promotion.

You can learn more about Salata and their Eat Light At Night Promotion by visiting:

Driving Note:  Salata is located at 3411 Preston Rd., # 14, in The Center at Preston Ridge, just north of Stonebriar Mall. If you are standing in front Best Buy, it is diagonally to your left. Hopefully that helps you find it without too much driving around!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

4 Stages of #SwaddleMe by Summer Infant + #Giveaway

She's my last. The bookend. So why not go out with a bang and try all the products out there to simplify baby life, right?

One more chance at...........sleep. 

For both of us. 

Summer Infant was generous to send me a few samples of their newest #SwaddleMe waddle blankets to try out on my newbie.

Keep Reading to find out how to WIN a Prize Package with all 4 Summer Infant Swaddles!

Summer Infant Wearable Blankets

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is Vanity Fair's #LiftTOUR Bus Stopping In Your Town?

I'm not always able to make it to all the events I'm invited to, so I've enlisted the help of a guest writer (also the mother of my 3 year old's BFF), Erica R. to check out local events when I'm tied up.

Erica had the chance to attend Vanity Fair's #LiftTOUR in Frisco, Texas recently and agreed to chat about her experience here at McKinney Mommas.  

Take it away, Erica! 
McKinney Mommas Vanity Fair Dress For Success

I recently had the opportunity to attend Vanity Fair’s nation-wide bus tour “Bras Across America:Vanity Fair Lingerie LiftTOUR” blogger preview event when it made a stop at Stonebriar Mall. 

The initiative encourages women to come in for a bra fitting while having the opportunity to donate a bra to Dress for Success, and give a lift to a woman who needs a little support.

Bra Fitting Donation Tour Bus

Vanity Fair welcomed us with a delicious spread of food while we listened to representatives from Vanity Fair and Dress for Success Dallas explain the promotion. 

The partnership of the two entities is a product of Vanity Fair’s recent Women Who Do™ initiative – a powerfully uplifting campaign dedicated to praising and celebrating the everyday triumphs of women everywhere while highlighting the brand’s long-standing commitment to producing quality, luxurious lingerie. 

Dress for Success is an organization dedicated to promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career development tools and network support to help women thrive in work and in life. Dress for Success operates in more than 130 cities and 16 countries, and has helped more than 775,000 women work towards self-sufficiency since its inception in 1997.

Dress For Success Event

Next we were invited to the Vanity Fair LiftTOUR bus for a bra fitting. Yikes!

Did you know that you should have a bra fitting once every year? I didn’t, and I wasn’t wearing the correct size. That’s not a huge surprise since my last fitting was two kids ago! 

Vanity Fair sent me home with a nice, new, properly fitted bra. I took advantage of the chance to write an inspirational message for another woman, which was tied to a brand new bra that Vanity Fair will donate to Dress for Success.

The tour has left the Dallas area, but the tour is still going strong. So encourage your friends and family around the country to attend the event in their hometown.

Each woman that goes in for a fitting at a LiftTOUR event will receive a coupon towards their new bra purchase, and will be able to write their own note of encouragement and donate a bra on Vanity Fair’s behalf to Dress for Success.

               I support Women Who Do™, do you?

To see if the #LiftTOUR is stopping in your town, check out the tour bus map here!