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Friday, December 9, 2011

Finding local cheap accommodations, or vacation rentals on a budget!

Okay, so the next time we have family coming from out of town to visit I am thinking of trying something new. 

I've heard of swapping homes with people in different towns, or trading vacation homes in different countries, but I've never though of using those type of programs as an alternative to hotels for my in-laws or family visitors.

Photo by: paytai

I just entered in my own zip code at AirBNB and found some awesome little cottage homes, guest houses nearby for great prices ($50, $65, $70) a night which is great for this area. This site is cool because you can see reviews from other travelers who have stayed there so you have some history on the property and their owners.

Now, I'm thinking this could also be the way to go when looking for vacation rentals. Have you ever heard of renting a room in Hawaii for $39 per night? No way. But I just looked up rentals in Hawaii and there is a rental room in a lovely family's house for that exact price, PLUS a bunch of reviews from people who have stayed there and have raving reviews!

Photo by: winnond

Now, of course if money is no concern to you by all means go stay in the fancy 5-star hotel. I would if my budget allowed, but since it doesn't I think I'm going to try out this route of finding alternative lodging on my next vacation or leisure trip!

What do you think about this traveling idea? Have you ever stayed at one of these types of properties?

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