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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planning a Road Trip - family style!

Since I recently started a family, it's important that I plan my trips a little more carefully. I can't just get in a car and drive, road-trip-style and spend the night wherever I land since safety and cleanliness is even more of a necessity with a child.

Before, I plan a trip. I spend hours online, going from website to website, often times, researching an area and options for restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. for my destination city. I think I'm a bit OCD in that respect, having to find all the reviews that are out there, both good and bad for each potential location.

Honestly, most of my “research” ends up being on what restaurants I should check out. I think the last “itinerary” I made for the last trip I took (to New Orleans) consisted of:

Day One – Breakfast at Cafe du Monde........Lunch at Mother's........Dinner at Acme Oyster House

Day Two – Breakfast at Luke.......Lunch at Cochon Butcher.......Dinner at Antoine's Restaurant

Let the activities, fall where they may. I guess I'm a bit of a food junkie, when my whole trip is planned out by meal, huh?!

I love websites, that share personal experiences from people that are similar to me, instead of just a “professional traveler's” opinion. For example, if I'm traveling to Los Angeles to see my family, I want to read los angeles hotel reviews from people who also traveled with a kiddo, and are on the same budget as me. I want restaurant and activity suggestions from other families, not a single male restaurant critic who might suggest that I should check out “so and so's” restaurant because it has fantastic caviar.

Do YOU have any favorite trip planning tips or sites that you like to reference when getting ready to “hit the road” - family style?

If you do, please share them with all of us!

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