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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keep the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Bay with Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse Support by Fellowes and Shoplet

The more time you spend in front of your computer, checking email, entering contests, reading the news, etc.........the more you become at risk for physical issues, such as, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and nerve pain.
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You can take small steps towards eliminating these problems by using ergonomically correct supportive devices, like a Wrist Rest and Keyboard Pad.

I am lucky to be part of a cool program, where sends me office supplies and I get to try them out and share my findings here at McKinney Mommas. Some of the products they sent me this month can help support correct palm and hand position while using the computer. Perfect!

The Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support fit very nicely in front of my keyboard, even though my computer desk is the smallest thing you've probably ever seen.  I hadn't used a keyboard palm support since my last social work job, and now remember WHY I used to use one in the first place.

I love how this pad helps relieve stress to your wrists, and keeps your hands in a neutral and ergonomic position. The bottom of the pad is slightly sticky, so it stays put and doesn't slide around on your desk at all.  Also, you don't have to worry about sanitizing it every day, since the Microban coating provides antimicrobial protection.

At only $14.44, I'd recommend this keyboard pad to anyone!

This Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad also provides much needed palm and wrist support for mouse users (well, isn't that us all)?  I don't think I will get a lot of use out of this product, however, as my desk is too small to use the product well.  Also, it has a tether cord that you are supposed to attach to the mouse which, in my opinion limited my mouse mobility, and I seem to like to let my mouse roam free!  If you aren't a fan of the tethered option, you can easily remove the cord (as I did). 

The Mouse Pad works GREAT for my optical mouse.  I haven't been using a mouse pad for awhile, and I must have gotten used to my mouse not performing optimally, because it works 10x better, now that I have the Microban mouse pad.

So, if you're looking for some new ergonomic products for your home or office computer, take a look at for these products and more!



  1. The wrist rest looks very unique. I'm on the computer at least 6 hours daily. I need to look into one of these. Thanks!

  2. @Jan - great! I found the keyboard pad to be really helpful!

  3. This is great. I have to check this out!

  4. I use my computer a lot for many things. I have to look into getting this! Thank you for reviewing it.


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