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Monday, September 3, 2012

Colic Remedies at eVitamins

It's no secret, my second baby is fussy.

At first I thought it was because I had forgotten that all newborns cry a lot. 

Now at 7 weeks, I'm pretty sure she IS just fussier than big sister was.

I went online to eVitamins to see if they had any "colic relief" products or suggestions.

Turns out, they had (6) search results for natural colic remedies. Good, I like options!  I liked the ability to compare a few products at a time, and found this MOM Enterprises Baby's Bliss Gripe Water.

It had 5 stars from a number of positive customer reviews, and was gluten, soy and wheat free!  Let's try this one.

Night #1 - Fussy Baby starts crying after eating. Try a dropper full of this gripe water - shortly after she quits clawing at me and falls asleep. Success.

Night #2 - Afternoon feed, and Baby O. starts to get fussy while nursing, won't burp.  Tried another dropper of gripe water.  She settles down and is able to continue her nursing session without trouble.

NOTE: Don't try to administer the gripe water while the baby is actively fussing or has just had a crying fit for some time - oops Baby O. puked it up that time. I also found that giving it to the baby in a bottle with a nipple is better than the eye dropper for young babies.

Check out all the natural colic remedies at and make your own mind up.

Let me know what you find works best!

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