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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fuel Up Father-Last Minute Father's Day Gifts From WholeFoods

Yes, Virgina! Father's Day is almost here, and you say you still don't know what to get him?

Well I've been dishing all month on great snacks to include in a "Fuel Up Father" gift basket (that you can create yourself) and I have a few last minute additions from one of my favorite stores. 

Whole Foods Market, is an easy shop to find your favorite daddy some delicious treats for Father's Day.

Of course you're gonna want dad to start out the morning on the right foot, so go grab a bag of Allegro Coffee’s spicy, sweet and smoky Organic Whole Foods Blend at the coffee bar, plus it'll come with this cool L.I.F.E Jacket reusable coffee sleeve, which helps women in Kenya earn a living and get their kids to school.

Shhh, don't tell, but dad can also use it as a beer koozie later this afternoon!

Next, break out the toaster and spread some 365 Everyday Value Almond Butter (Creamy) on some toast, add sliced banana and a drizzle of honey and rest easy knowing that dad won't break out in hives since there is no peanuts in this decadent spread. Plus he'll get his daily dose of potassium (bananas) and antioxidants (honey).

If your husband (or dad) is like my hubby, he's totally into organic and natural products, so this Organic Fig Spread is going to be a welcome surprise on crackers, fruit, or I love to spread this on homemade popovers (super easy to make).

You know, fig trees DO represent enlightenment, so see if dad taps into his inner zen after sampling this delicious organic fruit spread. You might just be surprised.

Finally, if your favorite Pops is a runner, hiker or outdoor sort of guy in need of major fuel - fill up his "Fuel Up Father" gift basket with some 365 Everyday Value Blueberry Blaze Trail Mix chock full of cashews, almonds, raisins, white chocolate pieces and more, it's sure to give dad the boost he needs to finish whatever task he has at hand.

Above all, have fun shopping for treats that you know your dad or husband will love.

You know, all dads have different tastes and interests which makes them the perfect dad for you (or me)!

For more information on these products, visit:

Tell me. Do you have any great Father's Day plans lined up this weekend? 

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