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Friday, June 7, 2013

"Fuel Up Father" Father's Day Gift Basket - Caveman Fuel

For Father's Day this year, I thought it would be fun to create our own gift basket of treats for my hubby. Over the next two weeks, I'll be posting here at McKinney Mommas about our favorite snacks to include!

Lots of pre-made gift baskets include stuff that dad might not like and can be expensive to boot.  Since my kids daddy has a serious snacking fetish, we'll be creating a basket of goodies to "Fuel Up Father" this month. 
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Ever since I've known him, my husband has been a fan of beef jerky. Maybe it was all those road trips in high school or need for fuel while skiing down the mountains ranges in Washington, but he's a real jerky fanatic.

I was recently sent a sample of Caveman Fuel beef jerky - fitting name, no?  It was refreshing to find a product that only uses 100% natural ingredients in their jerky.

A few cool reasons to choose Caveman Fuel
  • 100% grass fed beef
  • No growth promoting hormones or antibiotics
  • Free range, private ranch cattle
  • USDA approved facilities
  • Paleo diet compliant

The original beef jerky flavor, which is what we tried has a simple but delicious list of ingredients

Wonder of all wonders, most of you can probably READ and recognize all the ingredients:


  • 100% Grass-fed Beef
  • Organic Garlic Powder
  • Organic Onion Powder
  • Organic Basil
  • Water
  • Salt

Hey, next time you're at the checkout line in the grocery store and see a major name brand beef jerky, turn the package over and tell me how many of the ingredients you can pronounce.

Well, of course I cheated and had to let my hubby sample the jerky early to see if it was "Fuel Up Father" basket-worthy.  

Turns out, he really digs this product. It bites off like real jerky should, and tastes totally authentic - not the weird melt in your mouth, chopped and reconstituted beef style that most of them are these days.

So, in the end, Daddy gives Caveman Fuel: ...................... 5 STARS!

RESULT --> It's going in the "Fuel Up Father" basket!

To find out where Caveman Fuel is sold near you, visit:

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a product from the company to facilitate a review. However, I was not influenced by the complimentary product received, as I am under no obligation to post a positive review if I feel it is not warranted.  

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