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Sunday, April 24, 2016

E-Hydrate Portable Protein for Adults & KIDS! + #Giveaway

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teeball kids, kids protein shake, kids electrolyte drink
I'm starting to think my three girls are the most active children on the face of the earth.

They seriously, don't stop expelling energy for a single moment during the day.

From parks, to school, to T-Ball, the gym, birthday parties and playdates, they are always on the move.

Sometimes, I feel like they need a little more than water, in this hot Northern California heat to hydrate them.

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E-hydrate, kids protein shake, cinnamon roll shake

E-Hydrate has both an adult and kid-friendly hydration, nutrition and protein line that all taste great!

After the girls expend all their energy on the T-ball field, I like to give them some protein to help keep them strong and E-Hydrate has created the perfect products for this.

KIDS Protein On-the-Go provides:
  • 10 grams of protein (only 70 calories)
  • only 4 grams of sugar
  • certified gluten-free
  • portable & recyclable pouches
  • more electrolytes than leading sports drinks

My girls absolutely LOVED the E-hydrate Kids Protein shake in the to-go bottle that you just add water to, shake and guzzle enjoy straight from the bottle.

Their favorite flavor was Cinnamon Roll, of course, and after sharing a bottle, asked for more!

When my oldest kiddo is in preschool, I try to fit in a gym class a few times a week. Often, I'm running from the gym, back to preschool to pick her up, then to the park, and errands.

I don't have time to go home to mix up a protein shake for myself, to re-build muscle so was very excited to find E-hydrate's Protein On-The-Go pouch, in Chocolate and Vanilla. 

It's super easy and convenient! 

All you have to do is pour water into the pouch that comes with pre-measured protein powder inside, shake it, and drink in it's very own portable bottle. 

Wow, 25 grams of protein in each serving is pretty good.

after gym protein, after workout protein, protein shake

Okay, I may not look terribly happy in the photo here, but I'm REALLY just freaking tired, after a 6 mile elliptical run at the gym. 

The Protein On-The-Go was exactly what I needed to fill me up to go pick up the kiddo from preschool, hang out at the park, and grab some lunch at the store before heading home. 

What's more important is that it actually tastes good and isn't strangely grainy like some protein shakes are. 

I was supposed to save a bottle to see what my husband thought about it after his workout, but liked the chocolate so much that I took the vanilla the next day to the gym with me. 

Sorry, hubby.

electrolyte drink mix for kids, #stevia,

I almost forgot to mention, they have a KIDS Natural drink mix that provides daily recommended amounts of  vitamins B, C, D, and more electrolytes than the leading sports drink - with ZERO grams of sugar and no caffeine. 

Flavors, that can simply be mixed into juice or water are:
  • Grape
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Fruit Punch and Apple
These are great for a hot day, when the girls have been running around in the heat to help re-hydrate their tiny bodies.

Want to know more? 

Connect with E-hydrate online to find their latest products and get special offers at!  

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