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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Healthy Lunch Choices For An Active LIfestyle

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I really wish there was a drive-thru sushi restaurant, or vegetarian wrap to-go establishment somewhere on my route from home to my daughter's preschool, library, T-ball practice, playdates, gym, instead of the standard burger joint.

With three daughters under the age of six, there is little time for cold-pressing our own juice, or milking a cow for raw milk, or picking our own blueberries for their antioxidant power.  

It's just not realistic.

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With a little planning ahead, a healthier eating pattern for us moms and dads who are constantly on the go, is actually achievable. 

I've started slow, but am actually doing it - and have toned up and lost pounds by following a few of these simple steps, which started by exploring all the elevĀte salad options at Costco.

Step 1Pack Your Lunch The Night Before

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when I start my morning running, because my youngest - 2 years old - woke up with wet sheets, and I forgot I had to finish drying my 5yr old's Tball uniform for her game today, and then missed the email that it's "Crazy Hair Day" at preschool in one hour = no healthy lunch today!

This is precisely why we end up going through the fast food drive-thru between picking up my daughter from preschool and taking her to the library, then TBall practice - I didn't plan ahead. 

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A simple salad, like the one above can be packed in a lunch bag with an ice pack and will stay fresh for hours. 

You know, not just any salad from the grocery store will provide you with the protein and carbohydrates you need to stay going all day.  

Many of the cheap brands are filled with....well fillers, and super fatty and sugary salad dressings. So, please read the label.

Step 2. Find Healthy Lunch Options At Costco

I, recently found a great option for a super convenient, healthy lunch on the go at Costco - elevĀte salads - perfect for when I don't have time to chop, slice, bottle and seal my lunch!

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Why did I choose elevĀte?

Here are my reasons for grabbing a ReadyPac elevĀte off the shelf:
  • Non-GMO
  • 8 Ready-To-Eat Salad Options - including fully recyclable packaging and soy based ink printing
  • Lots of antioxidant / superfood rich ingredients
  • High in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Only $3.24 per serving is an affordable lunch in my book! 

...and it honestly tastes great, like, fancy restaurant yummy! 

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If you're like me, Costco can often seem daunting in it's organization of where they put and move items.

However, each time I've been to shop, the elevĀte salads are always in the same area. Go to the back of Costco, across from the Deli in the refrigerated aisle (pictured above)...near the cheese and meat section.  

Easy-peasy.  Now the only thing you have to decide is....

Nutty Cranberry or Spinach Pow!

 Step 3. Get The Kids On Board

My girls are great at eating samples helping me shop, but when it came to choosing a salad they just said "whatever one you want, mama" - and off they went to run the shopping cart down the aisle like Danica Patrick wannabes.

When I re-directed them back to the two salad options, they did end up choosing the pretty shiny cranberry option, aka. Nutty Cranberry - and I'm glad they did.
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It's so important to talk to your kiddos about healthy food options, starting at an early age, and why certain foods are better than others in a way they can understand.

So, we talk to our girls about foods that have protein to help build big, strong muscles and carbohydrates to give the girls energy to play

I will say that my 2 year old was the biggest fan of this salad.... and there is proof for once: 

The Bookend: "Where you get that from, mommy?"

Me: "I got it from Costco"

The Bookend: "I LIKE THAT!"

Isn't she cute?

Step 4. Enjoy Healthy Food On-The-Go

We heard that a local art museum, was opening it's doors in Sacramento for a family-fun day last weekend, and since we hadn't visited before we figured this was the best chance to go on the cheap!

I packed the kids a lunch, since it was the end of the month, and we didn't have extra money to spend on a lunch out.

Hey! Score! I had two elevĀte salads left from our Costco run, so packed those for me and daddy. 

#elevatesalads #shop #socialfabric #socialbias Costco, Sacramento

We had an amazing family experience at the art museum, plus had a picnic lunch which cost us next to nothing and saved about $45 bucks, which is what we would have spent at the museum cafe for 5 of us!


So, follow my lead and start planning ahead and packing meals, because I promise you...anything from your pantry or fridge is probably better for you than a fast-food burger is.

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Tell me now, how could you argue with this little face who loves this salad and keeps telling me it's her favorite!

Hurry, someone, tell me where to hide my salads, so she won't eat them all!

To learn more about elevĀte salads, follow along at:


...and I'll meet you there - where yummy meets convenience! 

Do you have any tips or tricks for eating healthy when you're on the go with an active lifestyle? 

Please, share them with me in a comment below! 


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