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Friday, June 17, 2016

Stress "Less" Father's Day With Trudeau

I was given complimentary products to facilitate this review post.  All opinions are 100% my own and may not reflect that of the company described. 

Fancy loose-leaf teas, a travel tea tumbler and tea maker might make you think this is a post about the Mother's Day gift I received.

It's not.

This is what my husband wants to receive for Father's Day!

He is one of those strange ones who sticks his nose up to coffee, and instead would prefer a loose-leaf oolong or earl grey tea. 

Father's day gift, loose leaf tea, mckinneymommas

My hubby has a pretty strict routine for preparing his tea.  

The water has to be set at the correct temperature, depending on the type of tea (green, black, oolong, etc) so as not to scorch the tea, and the timer set for just the right brewing duration.

Tea bags? What's that!
(he calls it "tea dust")

All this to say, that his tea brewing equipment needs to work well for him to give his "thumbs up" approval and the Trudeau Tea Maker and Tea Tumbler got TWO thumbs up - (I couldn't wait until Father's Day to give it to him)

Loose leaf tea basket, mckinneymommas

The stainless steel basket insert is perfectly constructed to handle your finest loose-leaf teas - unlike some other tea makers we've tried that's holes are so large little bits of tea leaves will be floating in your cup - NO Thanks!

Another one of his usual complains about teaware, is that many brew barely a small 6oz. cup of tea, which is too quickly enjoyed. 

The Trudeau Tea Maker boasts a full 20 oz. so you can have a cup and share one with your partner! 

Enjoy freshly brewed tea with your partner!

If I'm nice and buy him some new oolong, he promised to make me a cup, here's to hoping!

Tea maker, loose leaf tea, tea tumbler

So, the trial run worked out great. Perfectly brewed loose-leaf tea in a super easy to clean tea maker (only a few parts that come out easily and a quick handwash to clean). 

I love that the heat resistant canister allows you to see the beautiful color of your tea which adds to the relaxing experience of drinking tea. 

oolong tea, loose leaf tea,

I don't have any photos of the Tea Tumbler in actual use, because my husband quickly snatched it up, took it to his work and has been using it since. 

His report however, is that it works great with is loose-leaf stash of tea at work and the insert is large enough that the tea leaves have room to unfurl and reach their full brewing potential. 



So, you're thinking how can you find out more about these awesome tea brewing products?

Well, check out Trudeau's website here, or follow them on their social media outlets below to find out more! 

Signing off now, I'm off to brew MY favorite loose leaf tea - Jasmine Oolong in my husband's new Tea Brewer - shhhhhhhhh, don't tell him!



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