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Monday, July 28, 2014

Saying In Touch With Bestie With BuzzWorthy #TrendyCards

It's true. I still love giving and getting greeting cards. 

My husband thinks cards are dumb.  Well, that's his excuse anyway when he forgets to grab me one on my birthday or anniversary. Right?

One of the things I totally love about my bestie girlfriend in Connecticut, is that she loves cards as much as I do!  

Since moving to Texas, 5 years ago, my best buddy (in Connecticut) and I like to keep in touch by sending each other cute cards now and then.

Well, cards and late night wine chats, of course. What? You've never heard of wine chats?

Well, that's when we both pour ourselves a glass of wine, and dial each other up on Face Time, pretending not a thing has changed since I moved away.  

It's the best.

#shop, girlfriends

Even though I love shopping at Hallmark Stores for my cards, I always feel like my kids are gonna break something while we're there - so I prefer to pick up my greeting cards at good ol' Walmart. 

It's not hard during my weekly grocery shopping trip to divert to the card aisle for a second to grab something I know will put a smile on my best buddy's face.

Lately, however I've been feeling like I keep seeing the same cards over and over - and secretly hope that I haven't sent her a duplicate card yet. 

#shop funny greeting cards

Thanks to #CollectiveBias, I just found out about this line of Hallmark cards, that rotate every few weeks to keep up with the current internet memes, trends, etc. 

This way, the humor is totally fresh and, well, BuzzWorthy!

I found this one card about lawn chairs and waffle patterns on your butt, which is absolutely perfect for my girlfriend - since we're always talking about sitting on porches growing old together someday. 

#shop greeting carsd

Since the content is always changing, just like our lives, now I'll never risk the chance of sending the same card twice. 

My girl is gonna love this one:

"I get my summer glow from a bottle......It's called Chardonnay." 

Hee, hee. We've shared many a "summer glow" together, back before the kiddos were born! 

#shop location walmart

I found the BuzzWorthy cards in two places at Walmart - #1. on the end of the aisle (pictured above) and #2. in a section with a big "FUNNY" sign on the regular card aisle. 

....and dang....

For $2.97 you can't do better for a funny, RELEVANT, humorous card! 


Hold on. This card was only $1.97. Not too shabby!

Plus, you can get Hallmark Rewards for every 5 cards you purchase! 

Hey, that's only one card for each person in my immediate family, I could rack up points pretty quick!

#shop greeting cards, walmart

Now if you'll please excuse me....

I have a friend to surprise with two of these cheeky cards!

For more information about these fun, NEW BuzzWorthy Cards, check out Hallmark Connections.

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