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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baring The Piggies With Freeman Beauty #BAREFOOTbliss


I'm gonna bare it all. 

My most private of parts. 

The thing I've been teased about my whole life....................

(it's true, they've been called eggrolls, sausages, munchkin feet, my whole life, sniff, sniff)

I love the summertime, getting to wear sandals, hanging out shoeless in the parks and sand = #BAREFOOTbliss, but UGG, my feet sure suffer the consequences.

Honestly, after having three kids in the past four years, the last thing I take time to take care of is my feet. I simply don't have the time.

Well, today that changed. 

I splurged and took a whole 4 minutes, while my kids were playing in the backyard to give my toes a little TLC with two NEW Freeman Beauty Barefoot Spa Professional products. 

#1. Barefoot Exfoliating Polish

- Not too harsh, with a nice blue, sparkling hue. I've started keeping this tube of polish in my shower for a quick rub down of my calloused feet, but what's great is that it works on the whole body as an exfoliant as well! 

#2. Barefoot Moisturizing Massage Cream

- Mmm, now this feels like luxury. After scrubbing down my toes I lathered on some of this massage cream, and it's amazingly not greasy but felt like it was moisturizing my thirsty feet. 

See, it didn't take more than 4 minutes, and all while I was watching my kiddos play in the yard. 

Now, who can say you don't have time for a little #BAREFOOTbliss TOE TLC!

My favorite part was the spa fragrance, was mellow and not too flowery or overpowering, very relaxing, which is exactly what I needed today.

Now, cross your fingers....or ahem...toes...that this post, which I'm entering in a Freeman brand challenge #contest gets me in the top 25 to win a prize!


  1. Barefoot IS Bliss for sure.....sounds like a great idea...feet take the brunt of everything ! Cute piggies there...and they look nice n soft now :)

  2. Aww, shucks! Thanks. In fact, my feet were feeling dry, and I just used some more of the cream just now while sitting at my computer! :-)


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