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Monday, November 17, 2014

Epic Mess? Be Gone! With #EurekaPower Suction Seal

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser, Walmart and #EurekaPower Suction Seal 2.0. All opinions however are 100% my own. 

Epic Mess?

I've got that.

Scratch that. I've got LOTS of that.

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I'm picky when it comes to my vacuums. They have-to-work. Wait, is that picky, or totally normal to want a vacuum to clean?

I should probably just invent one that I can carry in my pocket, or dangle around my neck as an accessory since I'm vacuuming more times during the day than I get to go pee.

I don't have a pet (besides a fish), so it's not pet hair, or a husband that wears muddy boots (he's an academic). I do however, have these incredible specimens living with me:

  • Big Sister H. (3 yrs old) aka. painter extraordinaire & play-dough enthusiast
  • Baby O. (2 yrs old) aka. crayon wrapper shredder, cornstarch interior designer
  • The Bookend (7 mo. old) aka. baby wipe ripper-upper, cheerio disbursement machine

I love these kids like crazy, but not being able to count even on two hands, (yes all my fingers are intact) how many messes I have to clean up each day can be, shall we say..............tiring?

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When we got married, back in 2003 my hubby and I decided to make a "big purchase" and get a big name brand vacuum, prior to this we always had some cheap sweep/broom/vacuum sort of thing.

Within a few months, this, shall we call it "tYSON" vacuum started making crazy loud, scary sounds and totally lost it's suction power.

We still have it. We still use it. We couldn't bear to give it up after spending real, grown-up money on the stupid thing. But, it takes me 6-7 passes back and forth to suck up any kind of dirt or paper bits. L-A-M-E. 

I was in the market for a vacuum that would save me time, one that would make me not work harder than it was working for me. So, I was excited at the chance to test the Eureka Suction Seal 2.0, available at Walmart during the month of November for a rollback price of $129 (normal retail: $148.88).

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It wasn't too hard to find the Vacuum Section of my local Walmart. 

I lie. 

Well, I had three kids with me, and I didn't want to wander forever, so I did ask an employee.  

She pointed me to the Home Living Section, and under the Storage & Laundry Sign was where I found the vacuum motherload at Walmart.

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 Take a look at that hot, shimmering pink vacuum! 

That's my new Eureka, baby!

Not to be gender role stereotypical, but I think someone has finally figured out who does most of the vacuuming in the house.....well our house anyway. 

Honestly, pink is personally my least favorite color. I'm just not a girly, girl, but this hot pink color is really cool - and this machine has some massive power to it.

It's not a joke that I seriously appreciate cleaning tools that work. Just look at what my 2 year old did in a matter of minutes while I was fixing lunch....


Baby O. (now 2 years old) somehow got into my desk drawer and found a tape, yes audio tape from some recording device I used to use for taping lectures in college and managed to simultaneously, pull the tape to shreds, while scattering a box of business cards I kept from blog contacts all over my bedroom floor.

Thanks, Baby O. 

Oh, wait. You're not done yet? You found the baby wipes and have decided to squeeze the "juice" out of them and shred them to bits on our carpet? 

Still not finished with the chaos? How about tearing some of my mail into tiny pieces? 

Solution? Get the vacuum out, mama! Which I did.

....and it works like an epic mess genius! 

Then, I found THIS video showing an "actress mom" encountering an "epic mess" which is pretty funny, but I'm not joking when I say that this kind of stuff happens to me x5 daily, seriously! 

One of my favorite favorite part of this vacuum was that I didn't have to bend over, winding the cord around and round when I was finished.  There is a simple button to press that ZIIIIP, winds the cord up for you!

Also, I found that it transitioned easily from my carpet to the linoleum in the kitchen. It was able to have great suction with both surfaces, due to it's suction seal design which raises and lowers based on the structure of the floor. 

Until these kids (below) find some way to break it, it's gonna be my new BFF!

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Well, the Eureka Suction Seal 2.0 may not be able to sort out the marker, peanut butter and paint-in-the-hair messes of my kiddos above, but it can at least give me a clean floor to sit them on for their TIME OUT's (hee, hee). 

Please share with many times a day do YOU have to pull out your vacuum to clean?

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