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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Plan To Get Lean and Toned With EAS #PowerInProtein

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At the beginning of the year I made the choice to sign up for my first fitness event, ever.

It wasn't an easy choice.

I hadn't been to the gym since my college years, and even then it was sporadic.

One back injury, and three babies later, I couldn't seem to find time to focus on my own health and needed a kickstart to get healthier.

mud run, protein shake

So, I registered for a local women-focused mud run and began to train.

The mud run website had lots of great resources for doing your own training and strength building at home, but with three tiny tots jumping all over me, I decided to join a local gym, Get Fit Davis that provided childcare.

I started taking a high-intensity cardio class twice a week, cutting down on carbs, replacing one meal with a homemade protein shake, and drinking AdvantEdge CarbControl Ready-to-Drink protein shake to rebuild muscle after my workouts.

protein shake, mckinneymommas

I absolutely despise artificial flavors and sweeteners, but the EAS AdvantEdge CarbControl shake, in Rich Dark Chocolate flavor honestly worked out great for me.

It was super smooth and not fake tasting. I would pack one in a little insulated lunch box, so it would be cold and ready when I got back to the car from my workout at the gym.

I like variety, so was happy to find the CarbControl shake is available in the following flavors:
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Rich Dark Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Cafe Caramel

protein shake, mckinneymommas, #cbias

See how gross and sweaty I am?

For some reason, genetics I guess, I turn 50 shades of red during my workouts!

I quickly realized that your body needs lots of protein after exercise - to rebuild muscle - and when you don't get it, your body gets really sore. With the kids always on the go, we don't always get home for lunch right away and found out I needed a protein boost to help recover from my workouts.

AdvantEdge CarbControl Protein Shake was a perfectly easy way to get my protein without having to stop at some greasy fast-food joint or drive all the way home to help my body recover from exercise.

#cbias, kale, protein shake
We typically eat pretty healthy in our home for dinner, but sometimes fall short during breakfast and lunch.

So, I started to make my own breakfast shakes with lots of protein, veggies, fruit and chia seeds in the morning with my Tribest Blender.

Also, I've added in even more greens for lunch and dinner, like this Massaged Kale Salad, which the entire family loved! 

Something is seriously working for me, since I was able to clock 6 miles at the gym (photo above) on the elliptical machine in just under an hour! Whereas working as hard as I could at the start of this journey, I could barely do 2 miles.

Walmart, #pharmacy, #cbias

If you want to supplement your protein intake, like I am currently doing. You can find EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control shakes and bars at Walmart in the Pharmacy area - under the Diet and Nutrition Bars Section.

For under $1.50 per shake, the price is really pretty good if you're using this as a way to keep your carb intake in check, and increase your protein.

I really don't believe in traditional dieting - as I've seen too many trends that don't work and diets that aren't good for the body long-term.

 I've made it my mission rather, to simply get healthier and build muscle. 

I have lost about 6lbs so far while increasing exercise and cutting down on carbs.

I have noticed a huge difference in my leg & back strength and have noticed friends and family saying how they thought my legs and arms were more defined than they remembered.

Hey! I'll take it.

McKinneyMommas, #cbias, fitness

This is me.

I am stronger than I was 5 months ago.

I am not skinny.

I have three beautiful baby girls to run around after. 

I am getting stronger. 

I am the best me I can be. 

This is me, and I'm okay with that.

If you want to explore your ability to get healthier, leaner and fit, go find the right EAS products for you here at Walmart!


  1. I LOVE your positive outlook and body confidence. We are all beautiful and the best we can do is honestly take care of ourselves the best way we know how. You look great! #client

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