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Monday, October 3, 2011

Calloway's Fall Harvest - We came we saw we punkin'ed!

Well, we made it to the McKinney Calloway's on Saturday, October 1st, for their Fall Harvest and had a great time!

Did any of you make it out to any of their locations?

Even though my kiddo is only 7 months, she had fun picking out a FREE pumpkin and decorating it with googly eyes and pom poms.

The bouncy house was in full force, with kids playing and having fun, as well as popcorn flowing freely. Unfortunately, we were too late for the Mad Science Show, but all in all it was a nice little outing.

I picked out a few little plants for my herb garden, basil, oregano, thyme, garlic chives and rosemary. So, even I got something accomplished this weekend!

BIG SHOUT OUT to Calloway's Nursery! We'll be back next year for sure.

Oh, and as an added bonus.........if you remember my previous post about the Plano Balloon Festival being a big huge DUD - where we didn't get to see even ONE balloon!?!?

Well, in the field across from Calloway's we were able to see TWO Hot Air Balloons launch and fly into the great wide yonder! Finally, some closure. I can sleep in peace  now, knowing my kiddo got to see her first Hot Air Balloon this year!

* * * Leave a blog note and tell me if you made it out to Calloway's this weekend!

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