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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DealWell Discount Prices On Health & Wellness Services DFW

As a momma of two toddlers, it's not often I get to relax with a massage or spa service.

However, it's a necessary habit that I need to start scheduling into my busy life, to maintain my sanity.

One of the reasons I don't treat myself to spa services is because I hate paying full price for them ...well...for anything so was really happy to hear about DealWell, offering discounted prices on health and wellness services in the DFW area.

The whole unique thing about DealWell is that you can bid whatever you want to pay on the service and cross your fingers that your offer gets accepted! You're guaranteed a savings of at least 20%, and up to 85% or more on deals like dental services, eye exams, chiropractic, and spa services.

I decided that it was high time for a massage, my back and neck had really been feeling the results of running around after two toddlers - so I went to DealWell to see just how good of deal I could get.

How It Works

1. Enter your Zip Code & Choose a Category / Service
        - Choose from eye exams, dental exams, cosmetic surgery, spa services and more  
2.  Choose a Provider
        - based on proximity or price
3. Buy It Now or Bid on Service
       - you can purchase immediately at a discount or offer your own price and see if it's accepted in minutes.
4. Print Your Certificate & Schedule Your Appointment
     - contact the provider (contact info provided) to schedule your appointment and bring your certificate with you to scheduled service.

Okay, let's try this!

I took a second on DealWell and found a reasonably priced massage establishment in my area, based on my zip code. Well, that part was easy. 

Now, we have to be realistic. Bidding $50 on a service worth $109 probably won't be accepted, so I first tried, $65...nope that wasn't accepted....but when I bid $75 for an hour long massage and mini-facial, BOOM that's the ticket!

Not too shabby. Right?

Shortly after my purchase I received a certificate via email with all the details I needed to call the company and book my spa service.  I even got a reminder a week later when I forgot to schedule the massage.

The kids went down for a nap and I finally got a second to call Jobonga Massage & Natural Therapies ( in Plano, TX and scheduled my appointment with Angela C. for an Express Massage & Facial. 

So excited.

I had a bit of trouble locating the facility on the day of my appointment, my GPS seemed to be leading me astray (call ahead for specific directions), however after I finally parked and walked inside I was ready for my worries to disappear.

I told the massage therapist that I recently had tried two different day spas, as my mother had given me a gift certificate for a massage, and that both experiences were awful.  P.S. email me if you want the names of these establishments, so you can stay far, far away from them. 

Needless to say, I was really hoping that Jobonga Massage would be my saving grace. I was tired of trying all sorts of new massage salons and being disappointed at every turn.

Photo by: Marcus /

Message to my massage therapist at Jobonga:

Angela. You. Are. The. Best.

Enough said?  If we're being honest, this was the best massage I have ever had. Period. 

I told Angela (my massage therapist) that I wanted firm pressure and she did just that. I actually felt like my muscles had been worked on, and the knots worked out at the end of the session, unlike my previous experiences at other salons where I felt like all I had was a light pat-down.

The mini facial was a nice touch. My face felt nice and smooth afterward. No super fancy products here (I'd guess Body Shop), since it was just a "mini" but all the products smelled great and didn't irritate my face at all. Very relaxing.

Don't pay any attention to the reviews on Yelp right now, they must have worked out the kinks since then. I wouldn't lead you astray, promise. 


McKinney Mommas readers can use code: [MCKMB] for $10 OFF any order at DealWell!

If you're in the DFW area, and in the market for a great massage experience, check out DealWell ( and Jobonga Massage & Natural Therapies.

Tell 'em McKinney Mommas sent you!

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