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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sciatica? Back Pain Due To Breastfeeding & Motherhood!

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If you don't see me posting for the next few days..... I spent the evening in Urgent Care for a back that was so locked up I couldn't get out of my chair at dinner.

I have dealt with shooting pains in my lower back/hip for the past year, which I think is sciatica? I think breastfeeding in all kinda of strange positions probably made it worse this year.

It typically gets better propped with pillows between my legs and back, but I did a lot of housework over the past few days, and was in unbearable pain last night basically unable to move.

Supposed to go get an MRI the process of scheduling it now.  This is SO not what I need right now with Baby O's 1st Birthday party scheduled for Friday. :-(

Anyone else have experience with this type of back pain or sciatica?  

Tips or Suggestions for treatment?


  1. Oh no... I feel for you! Hope your back starts feeling better soon and you're good as new for your little one's b-day!

  2. Thanks so much! I made it through the B-Day...barely! :-)

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