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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eco-Friendly Back To School Supplies From KIWI Shop

The time is near.  You know what I'm talking about........back to school time!

So, if you're looking for the newest, green and eco-friendly back-to-school supplies for your kiddos - look no further than KIWI Shop, one of my favorite online stores for the best natural and organic products for my family.

Here's a sampling of just a few of the earth friendly back-to-school products available at KIWI Shop:

I'm talking eco-friendly lunch boxes, food storage cubes, kids vitamins, craft supplies and even face wash for your tweens!

Here's a list of must-haves in your Back-To School shopping cart!

 ECOLunch Box - Solo Cube

There's just something about these stainless steel square sandwich boxes by ECOLunchbox that I swoon over.  They're the perfect size for a PB&J for "Little Timmy" or a classy Prosciutto and Havarti Sandwich for hubby to take to work. 

No more squished sandwiches, plus this lunchbox is dishwasher safe and will save the earth from having to deal with the 365 plastic sandwich baggies you've been throwing her way! Seriously, make the change.

AlternaVites Kids
I've actually reviewed these kids vitamins on my blog before. alternaVites Kids comes in cool little packages (think, pixy-stix), and is a powdered "candy" form in flavors like Raspberry Cotton Candy and Strawberry Bubble Gum.

Your kiddos just pour the vitamins onto their tongue and I promise you, they'll beg for their vitamins the next day!

Wee Can Too - Grab and Go Finger Paint Set

If your 1 year old is anything like mine, everything goes straight into her mouth.  This finger paint set is a great alternative to regular finger paints, since it's made with all-natural veggie based dyes. Totally safe in case your little Picasso gets a little "hungry" while he/she is making their artistic statement (unless they're allergic to beets, pumpkin, spinach or blueberries, of course). 

Just mix the powdered paint with water to your desired consistency. I will say that the finished result is a little spotty and faded, but hey, isn't finger paint about the actual doing, not the finished result anyway?

Wean Green - Snack Cubes

These little food storage cubes are the real-deal! Now you can keep your homemade baby food and toddler snacks free from harmful chemicals found in plastic storage material. The glass is 4-5x stronger than drinking glasses - my toddler already dropped one (surprise, surprise) and it didn't break!

The lid and seal on these snack cubes are incredibly tight, perfect for sending along salad dressing with your hubby's lunch or any other liquid you may need to transport.

LiceLogic - Repel Conditioning Hair Spray

Natural and non-toxic conditioning spray for your little hooligan's tangled hair - with the added benefit of being a lice repellant - what could be better?

The Rosemary Mint scent is totally natural and pleasing, perfect for boys and girls alike since it's not too perfume-y or fruity. The spray also comes in Lemongrass and Lavender scents, and really helps me get my little one's hair in order for the day.

Green Sprouts - Safari Bento Box

It can't really get any cuter than this for a lunchbox.  This Green Crocodile bento box has a locking lid, divided nesting compartment and bowl underneath.   I took this little mean green eating machine with me on my last playgroup outing and my toddler loved eating her lunch with "Mr. Crocodile." 

I think it's already time to add the Hippo, Monkey, and Lion Bento Boxes to our family, we wouldn't want "Mr Crocodile" to be lonely, now would we?

Good For You Girls - Gel Cleanser

You know, starting a routine of taking care of your skin in the early years can last into the teen years, when your little girl will really need to maintain healthy skin (ie. acne, blackheads, etc). Why not start practicing a healthy skin regimen with your little girl now?

I introduced this face wash to my 2 year old, and she was absolutely delighted to have a "special face wash" just for her.  My daughter's skin is very sensitive, and I didn't notice any irritation or issues after using this face wash. An 100% natural blend of essential oils and aromatics, with Vitamin E and chamomile to soothe your precious one's skin.  

Artterro - Handmade Paper BookMaking Kit

What a beautiful way to memorialize this creative and imaginative time in your child's life. Designed for children 8+ (but I think you'd be fine with parental assistance a bit younger) this bookmaking kit includes absolutely gorgeous eco-friendly products like handmade paper and beautiful beads to make your child's book tell a story all their own.

So, are you ready for a GREEN back-to-school now?

All the products featured above can be found at

Wait, that's not all....don't forget to Enter to Win KIWI Shop's Back-To-School GIVEAWAY here!

Okay, now I'm done :-)

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