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Monday, August 5, 2013

First Birthday Personalized Children's Books by I See Me!

Books, books, books. We love books in this house. Reading them, giving them, getting them.

So, as my daughter's 1st birthday was rolling around the corner last month I thought what better gift to get her than a book. 

Not just any storybook would do for a 1st birthday though.  I wanted something that we could keep as a memento down the road. Something I could put in her keepsake box.

There couldn't have been better timing for I See Me! - Personalized Children's Books to contact me for a review.

For my daughter's first birthday, I See Me! had the perfect book in mind.

"My Very Happy Birthday Book" is a sweet little story about a Duck, Mouse, Bird and Turtle that come together to plan a birthday surprise for a special little girl (yours!). This hardcover book, has durable board pages, perfect for a toddler, who can be a bit....shall we say, "energetic" at times.

Not too long, not too short, the 20 pages full of colorful illustrations practically jump out at you and captured the attention of my one year old.  Not to mention, the fact that her name and actual birth date was sprinkled throughout the story, so she was of course excited to have a story read that was all about her.

NOTE: The actual pages of this book are much more vibrant and detailed than this picture depicts.

My favorite part of this personalized book is the place where you can write an inscription to your little one on the inside front page.  I won't tell you what I wrote, it's just for my little girl's eyes only.....but this is the perfect place to tell your peanut how much they mean to you, that they can reflect on for years to come.

Gamma was of course in town to celebrate Baby O's first birthday and she was thrilled to get to read "Baby O's Very Happy 1st Birthday" storybook to her.  In fact, she asked me exactly where I got the book so she could order one for her friend's child back home.

I honestly couldn't be happier with the quality and design of this birthday book by I See Me! Personalized Books. Of course, birthdays aren't the only occasion you can commemorate with a personalized book from I See Me!

For my oldest daughter, I picked out "My Very Own World Adventure" for her special keepsake book.  This is a beautiful story where your little one takes a carpet ride around the world and meets children from different countries that each have a gift that represents their culture.

The letters in your child's first and last name spells out the country that will be visited:
  • E = Egypt
  • M = Mexico
  • M = Mongolia
  • A = Argentina 

At the end of the book, there's a global map that highlights each country that your child "visited" and has some great educational information about each country's traditions and culture. This book is both fun and highly educational.

Plus, each illustration was actually created by an artist from that specific country - how cool is that?

I think it would be fun to make a yearly tradition out of this - an I See Me! birthday book each year would be a great surprise for the kiddos! 

Check out the other personalized book themes available at I See Me!:

To purchase your very own personalized children's book, visit:

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