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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anthropologie-inspired bookmark Review & Giveaway by "alittlelessmundane"

"alittlelessmundane" @ Etsy
I like to think of myself as a avid book reader. I love to draw myself a bubble bath and soak while nosing through an autobiography, fiction or other NY Times Bestseller. 

I have to admit that I have less and less time to relax these days, with an 8 month old, but still like to treat myself at least once a week.

Coffee Themed

It's not often that a bookmark catches my eye, I usually just use a old scrap of paper or magazine ad to hold my place. So, I was delighted to find Etsy seller, A Little Less Mundane, creating artisan-style bookmarks, that are anything BUT Mundane!

Sweet Little Cupcake Themed

A Little Less Mundane, uses vintage and current scrap fabrics and other upcycled materials from estate sales, thrift stores and tag sales to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted bookmarks.

Tiny cottages, little red dresses, birdcages and little coffee cups, reminicent of something you'd find in an Anthropologie store adorn her one-of-a-kind bookmark creations.

I was excited to receive my very own Anthropologie-inspired-fabric-birdcage bookmark to review from JoAnn at “alittlelessmundane” recently. What a perfect gift this would make, as it came wrapped in sweet tissue paper and mailed in a brown paper envelope with a cute stamp to boot! 

My nosy daughter, trying to grab the bookmark and envelope it was mailed in!



I loved the unique stitching, and handcrafted elements of the bookmark but at the same time felt like I could find this item for sale in a boutique shop on Melrose. 

Its made of linen and upcycled fabrics, so a gentle splash from the bathtub (aka. my reading room) won't hurt it. Also, if my 8 month old daughter got her hands on it (which she did) she couldn't rip up this bookmark like she has to many others!
Up-cycled fabrics = good for our earth!

Jojo”, the owner of this Amarillo, Texas based Etsy shop puts individual touches on each bookmark she creates, sometimes it's a little crystal or bead all carefully placed with love and care. 

Most of the items in her shop are $6.00-$9.00 so they make very affordable gifts. Visit “alittlelessmundane” and purchase a handcrafted bookmark for your loved one today!

.........AND don't forged to ENTER to WIN your very own bookmark TODAY in our GIVEAWAY!
Your CHOICE of ANY bookmark in stock @ “alittlelessmundane”

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  1. Anthropologie inspired birdcage bookmark is the bookmark i faved

  2. I love the Shabby chic birdcage bookmark!

  3. I hearted the coffee to go bookmark.

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  5. I hearted the Cuppa joe soft fabric bookmark.

  6. I like (and hearted) the vintage tablecloth love fabric bookmark!

  7. I hearted the Faith hope love soft fabric bookmark.
    lafittelady at gmail dot com

  8. I picked the Tiny Cottage bookmark. Super cute!

  9. I hearted the cupcake bookmark, too cute.

  10. I love the Soft fabric bookmark with the coffee theme
    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  11. Love the bird cage one best! Very sweet.

  12. I love the My Sweet Little Cupcake and the bird cage ones
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  13. I choose the Faith soft fabric bookmark

  14. I like the Anthropologie inspired fabric birdcage bookmark

  15. I chose the Faith soft fabric bookmark


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