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Thursday, December 5, 2013

6 Common Surprises During a Move With Your Family

Are you planning a move in the near future?  Check out this article, written exclusively for McKinney Mommas by guest writer, Alyssa Howard at to prepare yourself for some common surprises you may encounter during your next move!

John Lennon wasn’t talking about relocation when he said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” But considering how unpredictable a move can be, this oft-quoted sage wisdom easily applies to the exhausting process of moving. Although you won’t be able to anticipate every unexpected thing that comes up along the way, it’s good to get a lay of the land and understand possibilities. To help you get on board, here are six of the most common surprises you may encounter during a move with your family.

  • Broken items
Unfortunately, moving vans aren’t the most surprising place that your belongings could break. While on the truck, family heirlooms could get jostled and maybe even broken. This is why it’s important to take the very important items with you and also purchase movers insurance, which will allow you to file a claim with the company in the case of a lost or damaged item.

  • Additional fees
A lot of times, moving companies will try to hit you with extra charges at the end of a move. Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon surprise. To plan for this, ask up front if there will be extra charges and make sure you’re working with a reputable company. These will cut down your odds of having to deal with an unexpected hit to your wallet.

  • Questions from the kids
Depending on the ages of your children, you will most likely deal with meltdowns and/or confusion about what exactly is going on. If these do come up, try to be as patient and positive as possible to help ease them through the transition.

  • Spending more than
One age-old constant about moving seems to be that you’ll spend more than you were hoping to drop for relocation. But if you make a realistic budget from the get-go, you’ll be more likely to have fewer financial surprises along the way.

  • House cleaning costs
If you’re leaving a rental, there are usually certain amounts of cleaning costs that you have to cover. But even if you owned the house you’re leaving, it’s courteous to give it a little cleanup before you leave for good.

  • First meals
During your first meals in the new house, you’re likely not going to be able to cook for yourself – maybe the cooking utensils will be in some unknown location in the sea of boxes in your living room. So, for budgeting purposes, it’s probably a good idea to plan that your family will have at least a few other meals out.

Alyssa Howard is a writer for Moveboxer makes moving easier. Moveboxer matches people up with reputable movers, provides a utility cancellation tool, helps people change their address, and connects people with mortgage, storage, boxes, supplies, and car transport.


  1. Nice post! You are right, lots of surprises can pop out. Relocation can be both nice and unpleasant experience. It depends on the removals company you choose. Nobody likes to pay extra cash or to have his belongings broken, indeed. But there are professionals out there and they can literally save your life during the relocation process.


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