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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tiesta Loose Leaf Tea - FREE Tea Ball & Sample

According to my hubby, it doesn't matter if the weather is warm or cold outside..........


I think Tiesta Tea company would agree. 

Offering high quality loose leaf tea in a multitude of flavors and varieties, I'm sure you or your favorite tea lover will find something right up their alley...or....ahem....teacup.

I love how they've broken their blends into labels of what they're meant to do for you, for example:
  • Relaxer - 11 herbal blends with ingredients to calm the mind and body
  • Immunity - 11 blends of tea that have vitamins and nutrients to fuel your body
  • Energizer - 10 black and maté teas that give you a boost
  • Slenderizer - green & oolong teas, known to boost metabolism & suppress appetite

Starting at just $4.99, Tiesta Teas are a steal, PLUS each order comes with a FREE Tea Ball and tea sample, so what's not to love?

Find your favorite blend of Tiesta Tea here:

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