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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Total Beauty Collection for HSN - Get It Now!

It's the beginning of something beautiful!

I'm super impressed, at the Total Beauty Collection for HSN that I was privy to receive!

I'm just smitten with the idea of paying a small flat fee, $19.95 to have a box full of goodies shipped right to your doorstep! 

Especially if the items are actually GREAT products like these:

Here is the list of products that are in the Total Beauty Collection for HSN:
·      Nyakio Sampler Trio | 3 packettes
·      Tan Towel Half Body Plus Towelette | 1 towelette
·      Soap & Glory Righteous Butter | Deluxe size
·      Ruby Crystal Sugar Scrub | 1.3 oz
·      Too Faced Lip Insurance | .12 oz
·      Taya Copaiba Volumizing Elixir | 1.5 oz.
·      NYX Lip Gloss | Full Size
·      YBF Face Primer

My least favorite part about shopping for beauty products is buying a full-size moisturizer or foundation, just to find that it doesn't match my skin-tone or skin care needs.

What's better than getting a box of sample sized beauty products delivered right to your doorstep to try in the privacy of your own home, then decide if the product works for you or not!

I was honestly surprised at the products I received, since they were actually quite generous and not "sample" sizes at all for most of them. 

My daughters grabbed the NYX Lip Gloss and proceeded to have a princess make-up party on the spot.  I have to admit, I liked the sheer, sparkle of the lip gloss quite a bit.

Then, we tried the YBF Face Primer, which I had never used before, and OMG (I seriously hate that expression), my face felt like a velvet canvas after applying, then using my regular foundation on top of it.

On and on the story went, I just loved pawing through this box of beauty goodies. 

............and so should you!


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