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Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Steps to Successfully Potty Train using My Big Star Reward Chart! PLUS GIVEAWAY!

I am currently getting prepared to begin potty training my 15 month old, she's showing interest already so I thought I'd let her take the lead. I'm gathering products and information to help arm me with the best practices to help her succeed once we begin.  The Victoria Chart Company contacted me and has some tools that may assist with this exciting and daunting task.  Here is a guest post with some great tips and tools YOU and I can use on our adventures into Potty Training our children!

Potty training can prove to be a messy business and the thought of starting it a daunting one! We are The Victoria Chart Company, a leading developer of children’s reward charts, and are very familiar with this challenge. After all it is the No. 1 reason a parent will buy My Big Star Chart, our toddler reward chart.

We would like to help and guide you through this process.

Below are 10 steps to successfully potty train using My Big Star Chart as a rewarding tool for kids!

1. Make sure your child is ready. Signs of readiness consist of your child staying dry for at least a couple of hours, they show an interest in bathroom activities, they take themselves to a quiet place or tell you when they are doing something. Summer is the ideal time to potty train - less clothes are worn and time spent outside make the little accidents easier to deal with.

2 Plan for it. Potty training is a process that will require a lot effort, not only from yourself but from friends, family members and carers involved with your child. Purchase your My Big Star Chart using your 15% OFF coupon code ‘VCHART15’ in advance of starting the process. Decide upon a date from which you will all start - it is from this date you say good bye to diapers during the day.

3 Set up your chart. Hang your My Big Star Chart in a clear, visible place. This will be a central focus for you and your child to work from. Place the potty training sticker in the top position of the chart. Let your child know that this will be their special sticker for using their potty and they can earn lots of rewards. You may like to add some other activities to the chart too.

4. Teamwork, consistency and routine from all involved will help your child reach their goal. You may like to forewarn visitors of your efforts so they can be positive and encourage as you do. Forwarding these notes to those people who look after your child in your absence will help them to achieve the same goal. Children will love showing friends and family their chart.

5. Actively involve your child with their potty. You may like to take your child on a shopping trip to choose their potty - which color would they like? Is there a character one they particularly like? Tell them it will be their own special potty, they may even like to choose a name for it. Decorating the potty with stickers will help them take ownership of it. You may like to demonstrate their special toy using the potty. 

6. Prepare your child. Encourage your child to sit on their potty before they properly start using it, practice putting on pants and washing their hands to complete the task. It is at this point you should start praising and rewarding your child with a smiley face reward sticker, remember to tell them how well they are doing.

7. Don’t rush your child when they use the potty. Let them look at a book, or listen to short story for a few quiet moments when sitting on the potty. Blowing bubbles is another great way to encourage them to sit still. Tell them it is a good try and well done for sitting nicely even if they don’t achieve anything, again reward them with a smiley face sticker for their efforts.

8. Be patient, positive and consistent. Be patient, potty training does not happen over night. Positive interaction will help your child achieve their new skill, and feel good about their progress. Accidents will happen but continue to keep up the routine, when you choose not to use diapers - stick with it! Going back and forth between diapers and pants gives your child a confused message. If you experience naughtiness or defiance - stay calm, ignore it do not reward.

 9. On the go. Long journeys will take slightly more preparation than usual. You will need to make more regular stops so make sure you leave enough traveling time. Pack all familiar supplies including books and toys when using the potty on route. You may like to take some reward stickers for the journey - children love wearing these.

10. Achieving success in a short amount of time, you will start to see great results.  Use the enclosed gold star reward stickers to reward when your child does exceptionally well, such as asking to use the potty, using the potty on their own, remembering to wash their hands, or choosing to use the grown-up toilet.

We wish you every success!


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