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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creating A Soothing Space With Bonsai Trees

During my 10 year career as a social worker, I always tried to make sure my office space was set up to be as soothing as possible.  I often had clients, who were often experiencing various levels of stress come and meet me at my workplace, so a soothing environment was very important. 

At various times, I had tabletop water fountains, live plants, bonsai trees and aromatherapy items on my desk to create a safe and soothing space for my clients to share their troubles with me.

I recently found The Soothing Company which is a website that offers thousands of soothing products for your home or garden.  They also have a website, Soothing Walls, that offers a large selection of water fountains that you cannot find elsewhere.

Since becoming a stay at home / work at home mom, I've missed my special soothing office space and wanted to re-created a little bit of that at home, so The Soothing Company agreed to send me a little zen in the form of a Dwarf Jade Indoor Bonsai Tree!  

Soothing Company Dwarf Jade Bonsai Tree

Now, I may have failed to mention previously, that while I loved to keep live plants in my office, they never seemed to last very long, dispite my best efforts.  This gorgeous bonsai that arrived in a beautiful ceramic square pot has gone above and beyond my expectations.

I have now been caring for this Dwarf Jade Bonsai for over 5 months, and it has grown with little attention and is just as green and gorgeous as when it arrived.  This bonsai tree makes for a perfect gift for a friend, family member or for yourself if you feel your space needs a little peaceful tree growing in it.

I can't wait to add another beautiful and calming accent piece from the soothing company to my home. Maybe I'll try a serene desk water fountain next........

Do you have a special soothing space in your home or office? Tell me what it looks like!

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