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Friday, October 25, 2013

Kind Human Act + CommonKindness Coupon for Spree Water

It makes me sad that acts of kindness don't happen as often as they should, but that just means when they do.....they really make a difference in our lives, right?

Here are the most recent TWO..... #1. Terrible Human Act and #2. Very Kind Human Act I encountered in my life, just last weekend...and within minutes of each other!

Terrible Human Act - Exhibit #1
Our annual trip to the State Fair of Texas was a whirlwind of fun, stress and lots of fried food!  As the day came to a close, my toddler had fished my wallet out of the backpack, and I saw her drop a small wad of cash on the ground, under the stroller.

Before I had the chance to scoop it up, I witnessed a middle-aged woman "non-chalantly" reach under my stroller and begin to put the money in her own pocket!!! I directly called out to her and said, "Excuse me, is that MY money you are putting in your pocket?" She stammered for some response, and came up with something lame, and gave me back my money.

I told her "Good job at being a bad human, today," and for someone who doesn't often say "mean stuff" to people, I didn't feel a bit of remorse. 

Very Kind Human Act - Exhibit #2
Just minutes after the encounter with a woman "stealing money from a baby" my older toddler, after walking for miles to get her special treat, an ice cream bar, promptly drops her sweet treat on the dirt covered ground. 

Yes, it was her fault, but she's only 2. So, I went back to the ice cream stand and asked the man if my daughter could get a new bar, since she hadn't even taken one bite. The woman working there, furrowed her brow and said it was against their policy. The man, thought twice, but did the NICE thing and handed over a new ice cream, without charging me another eight bucks, or whatever exorbitant price it was.

I told him "Thanks for being a good human, today."

* * *  

In honor of the "Very Kind Human Act" at the State Fair of Texas this past weekend, here's a great coupon for Spree All-Natural Sparkling Water for you from CommonKindness

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