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Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Throw A Luau Pool Party + Party Supplies

My second daughter's first birthday was this summer, and it didn't take long to decide we'd have a Luau Pool Party - because in Texas, we don't do summer parties outside unless there's water involved!

Want to know how to throw your own Luau Pool Party?  Keep reading to find out how!

Baby With Flower Lei

STEP ONE: Plan Your Luau Menu

 * * * 

You can do something as simple as hot dogs and fruit salad, or jazz it up a bit with an authentic Hawaiian Luau menu.

I found a cool website, Polynesian Cultural Center that had an extensive menu with recipes for an authentic Hawaiian Luau to start me off on the right path. 

Some of the simple classics that I chose (no I wasn't ready for a whole spit roasted suckling pig): 
  • Teriyaki Beef or Chicken
  • Potato Salad
  • Fruit Salad with Pineapple, Watermelon & other Tropical Fruits
  • Fresh Green Bean Salad
  • Maui Onion Dip
  • Tropical & Banana Caramel Cupcakes

Chicken Skewers, pinapple fruit bowl

STEP TWO: Create a Guest List & Send Out Invitations

* * * is a cost effective (i.e. FREE) way to create really cute invitations, plus keep track of all the RSVP's in one place! They had a sweet luau flower template (pictured below) that worked perfectly for Baby O's party invitation.

Remember, each additional party guest means an extra two servings (let's be honest) of each menu item you plan to make. Don't make it too hard on yourself. Or, at least enlist a friend or family member to help you prep the food on the party day.

I ended up deciding on inviting 10 families, which ended up being 13 Adults and 9 Kids.  This was a totally manageable number for a Luau Pool Party. Remember, for an outdoor party like this, you can generally get by with a few extra people, as there aren't the space constrains that you'd have in an indoor party. 

STEP THREE: Gather Your Party Supplies & Decorations

* * * 

Instead of hitting up a bunch of different party stores to find the perfect luau themed serve-ware and decorations, I prefer to shop at party stores online, so I can get a full spectrum of luau party supplies.  

I've used the online store, Birthday In A Box for the majority of the party decorations for my girls last two birthdays.

When I searched for "Luau" themed items at Birthday In A Box, I got 764 items in my search results, now that's a lot of fun stuff to choose from! See my cute hibiscus luau flower cups and plates below?

birthday in a box serveware

Here's a list of party supplies you should have:
  • Cups / Plates
  • Plasticware
  • Serving Utensils (Salad tongs, serving spoons etc.)
  • Plenty of coolers with ICE for keeping beverages cool
  • Mesh Food Tents - to keep critters away (you can get these at Bed, Bath & Beyond)
  • Grass Skirts (you can use these to wrap around garbage cans...or yourself for a cute luau theme)
  • Tiki Torches (be careful if kids are present)
  • Large flower Hair Clips (really cute to give as party favors) 
  • Limbo pole
  • Pinata (hula girl, hibiscus flower, ocean animal, etc)
  • Happy Birthday or Happy Luau Banner
  • Balloons (match the colors of your plates/cups to tie in the theme)
  • Dangling Cutouts - So much more fun than crepe streamers
  • Silk or Real Hawaiian Flower Leis (*See below)
...and if you need more inspiration for some fun party themes, check out Birthday In A Box on Pinterest!
Fresh Orchid Leis For Luau

Finally, if you really want to have a memorable luau party, that your guests will be talking about all year...order some fresh flower leis like I did from Aloha Island Leis to hand out to all your guests.

A special party favor like fresh flower leis flown in straight from Hawaii will make your party goers, both young and old feel like a guest of honor!

Starting at just $4.99 each, for fresh orchid leis (pictured above), you really can't go wrong!

Most of all, ALOHA and have FUN! 

What's your favorite themed party? Tell me about it below!


  1. Such a cool , literally, way to celebrate ! big fun or a big day ! xxoo

  2. Me in a grass skirt? Nah. But I'll take that green bean salad any day!

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