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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cool Gifts For Hard-To-Shop-For Men #OneBuyForAll

Who's the person you are dreading shopping for most this holiday?

I'd bet my savings (about $25 bucks, heh.) that it's one of the males in your life.  It's so hard to find cool gifts that dads, brothers, uncles and grandfathers would love to receive, right?  In my circle, my dad is probably the hardest person to shop for, since he says he has everything he needs, and if he wants something, he'll go buy it himself.

So, in honor of my dad, I decided to get a little holiday shopping inspiration at Best Buy Gift Center and create my own holiday gift guide for men that are hard to buy for!


I do a lot of my holiday shopping online, so I was dreading actually stepping foot in a mortar and brick store, for fear I would be attacked by sales people and forced to buy something I didn't want.

Luckily, I had a very pleasant experience in the showroom at Best Buy. Just the right amount of sales person interaction, "Are you finding everything okay?" and when I said "Yes, yes I am" they left me alone to hunt for the perfect gift for my dad.

Shopping in the Best Buy showroom gave me so many more ideas than I previously had when shopping online. 

There's just something about holding a camera in your hand or flipping through a stack of DVD's that creates an excitement that online shopping just doesn't bring. So, join me in my adventure at the Best Buy Gift Center, creating the perfect holiday gift guide for my dad, which may also work for one of the men in your life!

#1. Tablets

Starting as low as $60, this is a fantastic gift option for the traveling man in your life. When laptops are too cumbersome to lug around, your favorite guy could pack along his new tablet, like the Galaxy Note in his carry-on, instead.

Note: I just saw the #GALAXYNOTE is trending on Twitter, so it must be a hot gift item this year! Click here to see what other top ranking Best Buy gifts are trending right now!


 #2. Smart Phones

When I was in California visiting my dad recently, my phone had survived it's last toddler chew session, and the sound conked out. So, good ol' dad bought me the NEW iPhone 5, even though HE still had an older model. It would be nice of me to return the favor, no?

Note: If you're ready to trade in your current smartphone, Best Buy is offering a $50 Gift Card for you when you purchase an iPhone® 5c.


#3. Small Appliances
I don't know how my father would survive, if my mother wasn't around to cook for him. Old school, but true. So, when left to his own devices, he'll make microwave bean burritos and crack open a soda can for dinner. He's also a popcorn junkie when it comes to movie time, so some of these ideas for gifts are right up his alley:

B. Crock Pot - "Just press the button and it's done, dad!"
C. Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper

Note: I had no idea how many small gadgets and appliances Best Buy carries. They have everything from curling irons, to irons and electric toothbrushes!

#4. Gamer Gifts

My dad loves his video games, and I found that Best Buy is the perfect place to find holiday gifts for the gamer in your life. Everything from game guides, XBox, PS3 Game of the Year Bundle, special mouses just for gamers, and exciting video games.

Note: Current gamer gifts that are trending on Twitter and available at Best Buy are: #PS4, #DISNEYINFINITY, #FIFA14 and more!


#5. Personal Grooming

Hey, I've never used one, but the men in my life always seem to have an electric razor on their wish list during the holidays, and Best Buy has an incredible selection.  Did I mention, they have some cool looking electric toothbrushes as well - which my husband swears by. 

Note: The #NORELCO seems to be trending right now on Twitter as a popular electric razor, so I'd go in that direction if I were looking for an electric razor for dad.


#6. Stocking Stuffers

Yes, Virginia! They DO have a bunch of great stocking stuffers at Best Buy. I really had no idea that they were so stocked with candy and other little do-dads that are perfect for the stocking!

These are some of my picks for my dad's stocking:

  • Candy - he's got a serious sweet tooth for a grown up!
  • Guitar Strings - still has that 40 year old acoustic guitar.
  • Batteries - who ever has enough of these?
  • Ear Buds - great for stashing a pair in your carry-on bag
  • USB Chargers for the Car
#7. Gift Cards

And if all else fails....there's always a gift card that's sure to be a welcomed present from any man in your life.  iTunes or a Best Buy Gift Card are great picks, if all that inspiration from being the the showroom was just too overwhelming or you simply cannot nail down a decision. 

Hey, don't forget that between now and December 24th, 2013 for every $25 or more Best Buy gift card you purchase online or in store - gives you a chance to win one of the $50, $100, $500 or even $10,000 daily prizes!

To register to win, just visit Give It To Win It, and enter your gift card number or receipt information.

Now, if that didn't give you some solid ideas for gifting the man in your life, I'm not quite sure how else to help you. 

Oh, wait! Here's one last ditch effort:

Best Buy will be partnering with Google on December 17, 2013 for a Google+ Last Minute Deals : Best Buy Shoppable Hangout that you can join in on to get ideas for the "stragglers" on your shopping list.

Have Fun Shopping at Best Buy...I sure did! 

Do YOU have any great ideas for cool gifts for the men in YOUR life to share with us? I'd love to hear about them in a blog comment below!


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