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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Raising Young Humanitarians With Mightee Kids

I just can't get enough of this idea of teaching your children while they're young to be humanitarians and care for other kids in need.

Month Two & Three of our Mightee Kids subscription brought us two more fantastic kids shirts and money donated to a worthy cause.

If you read my blog regularly, you will remember that I posted about Mightee Kids previously and how for only $18.59 per month, you will:

  • Receive a hip, newly designed tshirt for your fabulous kiddo.
  • A brochure that describes which charity the tee was designed for.
  • A discussion card to share with your children about helping other children in need.
  • $5 from each tee will be donated to the sponsored charity that month.
  • Did I mention you can cancel at anytime....not that you'd want to.

February 2013 was Canines For Disabled Kids Month

We love opening our package each month

Baby O. Rockin' her "Thanks Dog" Mightee Kids Tee!

I'm a Mightee Kid!

Five dollars from each "Thanks Dog" tshirt sold was donated to Canines For Kids, which provides assistance dogs to kids who need physical or emotional assistance.

I explained to my toddler (she lent the shirt to her baby sister to wear) about how some children who are in wheelchairs need service dogs to help them with daily tasks, and other children who can't see well need guide dogs to help them walk around.

Later that day, we took a walk and I pointed out the dogs in the neighborhood and also a woman in a wheelchair in the grocery store. She seemed to get the idea, as well as a 2 year old can!

March 2013 was Kids on Bikes Month

Big Sister H. rollin' with her Mightee Kids Tee!

"You gotta try this shirt, it'll make you ME"

Such a cheeser!

During the month of March, each tshirt sale sent $5 to Kids on Bikes, providing kids from the inner-cities receive bikes.  Bikes help to empower kids and their families to incorporate exercise into their daily lives, as well as provide transportation to after school activities and friends houses.

Kids On Bikes doesn't just give kids a handhout, they help the kids set a goal and work towards earning the bike by working hard on a project and following through with their commitment. Very cool.

Although she is only 2 years old, Big Sister H. is learning empathy and a giving heart by participating in the Mightee Kids discussions each month. 

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Think about starting your subscription with Mightee Kids, and get your kiddos on the path to thinking about other children who may be in need of some help today!

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