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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vail, Colorado - A Summer Vacation Destination For Texans!

In the heart of Texas, summers can seem like an endless heat wave.  When my husband and I began talking about taking a vacation sometime in the future, we knew we wanted to go somewhere that has a much milder climate and offered things to do that we can't experience in Texas.  We began researching various western United States destinations and settled on Vail, Colorado.

Photo courtesy of : is a great resource in planning and preparing for a vacation to Colorado.  It categorizes everything into sections such as events, weather, special deals and incentives, and skiing.  It really is a one stop vacation planning website.  From the home page, I can easily see Twitter and Facebook updates on what is happening in and around the city. 

It looks like during the month of April there's The Taste of Vail, which is a food and wine festival that I'd totally love to attend. During the summer months, there's also mountain biking, horseback riding, music festivals and even an Oktoberfest.....YES!

Photo courtesy of :

There's a special section for trip planning that includes information on gear rental, lift tickets, and transportation.  I can check out any last minute deals from various resorts and hotels based on specific check in and check out dates.  There's also airport information for people who will be flying in rather than driving (like me).

All in all, has everything you'd need to plan a wintertime getaway without doing hours of research on multiple websites.  From skiing and snowboarding to shopping and nightlife, it looks like has it all!

Colorado, here we come! Did I mention this is where I met my husband???

Tell me, "Where is your favorite place to vacation?"

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  1. Aaah, I love Vail. I've met many a friendly Texan there and elsewhere in my beloved home state. ;)

    1. Ha, Ha. So it IS the place for Texans to vacation, huh? Good to find the confirmation!

  2. How awesome that you met your husband there!! :-) I've never been to Vail, but I've heard nothing but great things about it. My favorite vacation would have to be Charleston, SC. There are lots of amazing American history sites to visit there.

    1. I think I entered to win a trip to Charleston once. I'd love to go. Heard it's beautiful and I love vacation destinations with some historical significance!


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