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Thursday, April 25, 2013

McKinney Mommas' #26acts of Kindness - Round Four

Okay, time is passing just way too fast this year. My youngest will be one year old in just 3 short months, and it seems like only yesterday she was born.

As many of you know, I pledged to do #26acts of kindness this year in in honor of Olivia Engel who was one of the child victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I feel like I've done probably quite a few more little bits of good here and there, but here are my official #26acts so far:

And for number four of our 26acts of kindness this year.......................  

Well, I have to give all the credit to my daughter "Big Sister H" for this one:

We were out at a local coffee shop (Snug on the Square - McKinney, TX) getting breakfast a month or two ago (this is how behind I am) and my little peanut spotted a cute little ceramic piggy bank for sale. 

She asked me for some money, so I explained to her that the piggy bank was going to stay in this store, and that the money would have to stay in the piggy bank and surprise someone who took it home with them.

She was cool with that fact, she's a pretty giving person, for a 2 year old!  So, she proceeded to fill the piggy bank with all sorts of coins for whichever random stranger ends up buying the little piggy.

She was so satisfied with herself after her 4th #26acts.  Of course I was proud of her for giving away her coins to a "neighbor."  I hope that little piggy ends up blessing someone with a plethora of riches both real and imagined.

What good can you spread today?

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