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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moms Meet "Got Milk" Playgroup With O Organics Milk Boxes

Whenever possible, I try to purchase organic produce and grocery products.

O Organics, is a line of organic foods sold at Safeway, Vons, Randalls, Dominicks and Tom Thumb stores that I recently had the an opportunity to sample with my playgroup through Moms Meet!

It didn't seem quite as important before I had children, but since giving birth to two precious babies I can't be too cautious about being sure the products they eat and drink don't have pesticides and growth hormones that could be harmful.

O Organics Milk Boxes, available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Regular Lowfat are a great way to get your kiddos to drink milk, plus they come in super convenient packaging. Since they are ultra-pasturized these milk boxes are shelf-stable so you don't have to worry about them spoiling between your trip from home to playgroup or school.

These Milk Boxes are made with organic and natural ingredients, and contain no genetic engineering, added growth hormones, synthetic pesticides or antibiotics. 

All Natural, baby! Just the way I like it.

* * * 

Moms Meet "Got Organic Milk" playdate

After hearing that O Organics wanted me to try their Milk Boxes, I scheduled a Moms Meet ( "Got Organic Milk" playgroup and invited a bunch of my local McKinney Mommas and their kiddos over to sip on some milk, and snack on good old fashion PB&J's!

Here are some fun photos of our day: 

After playing awhile, the kids took turns coloring dairy cow pictures, and we quizzed them on how well they knew just where milk came from....they all got A's.

What a smart bunch!

Of course at one point, the kids started to melt down, and we all knew what that meant.....LUNCHTIME!

Some of the moms started a PB&J assembly line, and since we were on a O Organics kick, we tried out their Old Fashioned Creamy Peanut Butter. It seemed to be a winner.  

The other name-brand peanut butter remained unopened, collecting dust on my counter at the end of the day. Telling?

We gave the little ones their choice of O Organics Milk Boxes in Chocolate, Vanilla or regular Lowfat Milk.

Can you guess which one was the most popular?

There were a few Milk Boxes left over, so even the moms got to try the O Organics Chocolate Milk.  I have to admit, I was happy there were a few left over because I'm a fan of Chocolate Milk once in awhile.

The older kids seemed to love the Chocolate Milk, while the younger toddlers by majority weren't the biggest fans.

Judging by the empty Milk Boxes compared to the full ones?

Looks like this guy is the winner of the kids taste contest!

So, at the end of the playdate.  O Organics Chocolate Lowfat Milk Box was the winner, with most boxes finished and number of chocolate'ey smiley faces!

At only .99cents per box, it's a great addition to the school lunchbox, or summertime treat. 

Find your closest O Organics retailer here!

Thanks, to O Organics and Moms Meet for sponsoring our delicious, Vitamin D packed "Got Organic Milk" playgroup! 

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