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Monday, May 13, 2013

Winner of the Mother's Day $50 Target Gift Card Contest!

And the winner of the Mother's Day Target Gift Card Contest is..............................

Drumroll, please.

Entry Number 4! 

For those of you who didn't read the nomination, it's a true story of a perseverance and the strength of a mother who knows how to fight for and care for her family:

My mother is an amazing woman! She has 7 kids and She has experienced so many trials in her life but continues to stay strong for the rest of us! She lost her oldest son in a tragic car accident when he was in his early 20s and continued to stay strong when my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She decided to take a leave from work to stay home and take care of him when he got really sick because she knew that it would be much more comfortable for him. She cared for him 24/7, there were many nights when she would get no sleep but would keep going. She kept a positive attitude as hard as life got for her! She spent every moment she could with him until my father passed a year ago from this last February. 

During those hard last months I saw how much they loved and cared for each other, whether it was smile they gave each other, holding each others hands or my mom kissing my father on the forehead it was such a blessing for me to witness this because I now know what true love is! 

I appreciate my mom being so selfless and giving up her life for my father and all of her kids! She continues to help us each get through this terrible tragedy everyday. She has her good and bad days and has been trying to find a job for the past 9 months since she got laid off after my dad passed away and she has lost a ton of confidence! 

I would love to surprise her with this gift card, she could use something happy and positive in her life! She is loving, kind, selfless, patient, and gives so much to all of us each day! and I would love to give her this!

I am so grateful she is my mother!

Nominated by: Amy P.

Thank you to all the loving people who nominated their mothers or friends - and Congratulations to Amy P.'s mother, who will be receiving a $50 Gift Card to Target as her prize!

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