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Monday, March 11, 2013

McKinney Mommas' #26Acts of Kindness in McKinney, TX- Round Three!

On Monday, January 7, 2013 - I pledged to participate in #26acts of kindness throughout the year in honor of Olivia Engel who was one of the child victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I have not forgotten my promise.

It's a small thing, this time, but each small kindness I hope will inspire the person on the receiving end to then do good for someone else and...well you know how a chain reaction is supposed to work.

I thought of how many times has my mail carrier lugged packages to my door in the freezing cold, or rain, or more likely, since I live in Texas....the unbearable heat!  He or she also participates in gathering food for the annual food drives (ie. carrying bags of heavy canned goods around all day), in general I think they work very hard and are rarely thanked personally.

So, on one of the coldest days last month my toddler and I decided to leave a few packets of hot chocolate for our mail carrier.  It's funny, how my heart was pounding, and I was all nervous for some reason in my trek to my own mailbox.

The idea of doing good for someone you don't know, stirs up something unique in your body, that I can't really pinpoint it's origin. All I know, is that it's a good thing.

I suppose the mail carrier found the little surprise, because it was gone that evening, and in it's place was our mail. We left the hashtag #26acts on our little note, to encourage our mail carrier to pay it forward however they are able to in their life.

What good can you spread today?  

Try it......I'm quite sure you'll like it!


  1. My father-in-law recently retired from being a mail carrier for 30 years (you're right- tough job!), and he still talks about the people who left him kind little gifts. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated, I promise. :)

    1. Hey Keara - so nice to hear! That makes me feel even better about doing it!


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