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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you or your child suffer from Asthma? Win a copy of AsthmaSense application to manage symptoms! Ends 7/17


Does your child suffer from asthma?

If yes, read on:


Do you have trouble remembering when you gave your child their last dose of asthma medication?  

Does your child's doctor ask for a record of what symptoms they've been experiencing and in what circumstances, to better diagnose and treat their asthma?  Do you often times forget to write them down?

AsthmaSense is an app, that you can use on any android or apple (iPhone) device that will help you manage medication dosage, track symptoms and record changes in your (or your child's) asthma episodes from one simple screen.

The application will also let you know, based on your journal entries if your child's asthma is "poorly controlled" or "not well controlled" so that you can take your concerns to your child's doctor to talk about additional strategies. 

Features of AsthmaSense Application by

  • Easy to use for managing asthma anytime, anywhere
  • For use with children or adults
  • Set reminders for medication use and peak flow testing
  • See when medications are due
  • Log diary actions quickly with a single tap
  • Record symptoms and breathing function
  • Selectively silence reminders as needed
  • Select reminder tones for individual users
  • Record unscheduled medication use
  • Record missed medications, as well as edit or update the journal
  • Review up to one month of peak flow, symptoms and medication adherence
  • Receive status alerts when your asthma is “not well controlled” or “poorly controlled” according to National Institute for Health guidelines
  • Keep emergency contact information and phone numbers in easy reach
  • Manage one or multiple users with one smartphone

You can even set reminders, and have your emergency contacts listed in just a push of a button!  AsthmaSense, has the potential to help your WHOLE family stay healthier and manage asthma symptoms, since you can track multiple users in just one application.

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* Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post/giveaway brought to you by SoundAsthma. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. I am not a medical professional and cannot verify any medical claims to be true. *

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  1. This app is free now, and they've added the cloud so your data is always stored. Perfect!


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