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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time to organize that Spice Rack!

It's time to organize your kitchen!

I recently cleaned out my spice cupboard and bought some magnetic containers that I can stick on my fridge to use as a spice rack. I love the way it adds to the decor of the kitchen, while keeping my spices within arm's reach!

There are so many options these days for organizing and storing your spices.  Rather than shove them in a cupboard, where the spices at the back never see the light of day, take a look at these cool kitchen spice racks that can help you organize your spices in a new way!

17 inch Chromed In Drawer Spice Rack - $56.58 w/ FREE SHIPPING

  • I've recently started to see these in-drawer spice racks which are great for those who don't have a lot of extra cupboard space but a few extra drawers that are just piling up with odds and ends.

Euro Wall Spice Rack in Black - $30.42 w/ FREE SHIPPING

  • This wall spice rack is great for adding to your kitchen decor while also keeping your spices handy, so you don't forget your stock.

12 Jar White Carousel Spice Rack - 33.75 w/ FREE SHIPPING

  •  This Carousel Spice Rack is pretty cool, as you can turn the dial to dispense the exactly amount of spice you are looking for - 1/4 tsp, as well as a large pour spout or shaker option.

Do you have any great organizing tips for getting your kitchen or spice cabinet in order this summer?  

Share them with us below!

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