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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iPhone Apps For Your Disney Princess Lovin' Little Girl

Does your toddler love playing games on your iPhone?

Or, were you one of those smart mommas, who prohibited it from the get go.

I didn't. Oh, well.

I'm a pushover, I guess.  My toddler might actually use my iPhone more than I do.

Anyway, we had a chance to review a few Disney Princess apps, recently and I thought I'd share them with you.

Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book

Description from iTunes: "Readers help their favorite Disney Princesses prepare for magical moments in this dress-up sticker book. Updated version includes interactive camera feature, plus new outfits, shoes, stories, and Princess Tiana."
Well, what little girl wouldn't like to magically insert their face onto their favorite Disney Princess and play Dress-Up?

"Big Sister H" is only 24 months, but she is totally digging this app. You can help your peanut take a photo of themselves, which they can replace the Disney Princess face with.  Then You can change their shoes, dresses, add crowns and jewelry and more.

When she's found the perfect outfit and accessories, you can snap a photo to save and email to friends and of course, Grandma and Grandpa! How cute is that?

Cinderella: Storybook Deluxe

Description from iTunes: "Disney’s Cinderella has enchanted generations with its spellbinding story, charming music, and endearing characters that live in your heart forever. This app includes a full retelling of the film with fresh illustrations, engaging narration, music and sound effects, as well as whimsical interactivity on every page."

My little one, kinda flipped through the pages pretty quickly on this one, she loves books, but so far doesn't have the patience for storytelling apps. at 24 months.  

However, she was a quick study in the puzzle feature of this app. there are about 6 puzzles, with varying levels of difficulty, all of scenes from Cinderella the movie (shown below).

After she mastered level one, she's begun her hand at level two. Always up for a challenge my daughter, is. She has to ask for help often on level two, but is slowly figuring out where all the pieces go.

There's also a screen where the fairy godmother sings "Bibbity Bobbity Boo", and it has the words and little bouncy ball to sing along. Now, I've never figured out ALL the words to that song, "la macha la boo la roo.....blah blah" so I'm having fun trying to sing along with her.

Hey, you just never know where mommy/daughter bonding is going to come from, right?

For more information on these apps or other Disney Princess Apps, visit:

*Disclosure: I was not paid for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own and I am under no obligation to write a positive review.  Thank you to the company indicated for providing me with a sample for honest evaluation. 

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