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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You're Invited to: McKinnney Mommas Usborne Books E-Show - Feb 12-28th, 2013

My husband, a pretty brilliant guy (he has a few documents to prove it), told me last night that there are only a few things that have actually had successful long term studies, proven to increase intelligence in children from birth:

#1. DHA

#2. Interactive Reading

I'm providing both for my children in hopes they have access to the best possible opportunities in life.

When I heard that Usborne Children's Books recently received an award for "Children's Publisher of the Year" I was intrigued.

With books geared towards every development level from birth to teenagers, and over 1,500 titles this is a book company designed to grow with your family.

First Encyclopedia Books - ages 8+
Phonics Readers - ages 4+

Toddler Set: Max & Millie

Usborne Children's Books sells more than just reading books. I found some sticker and activity books, drawing and craft books, flash cards, too!

Around the World - Sticker Book w/ 300 stickers
Big Drawing Book
Paper Plane Activity Book - ages 6+

After finding so many cool books and products at Usborne, I decided to take it one step further and host my very first Usborne Children's Books E-Show for all my McKinney Mommas' readers.  

FEBRUARY 12-28th 2013

  • Join me virtually from February 12th-28th, to shop, browse and find some great educational books for your children.

 McKinney Mommas Show Link:

  • If you find something you'd like to order, through my show link, you'll be entered to win $20.00 FREE books!

Prize: $20.00 of FREE Usborne Books

To Enter: Any order made through my E-Show link will automatically be entered to win! (winner will be contacted at end of show to choose books)

If you have any questions about choosing the right books for your child you can contact Jennifer Collins through her website at

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