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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Safer Choice - Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Nonstick Pan

Why are you still cooking on that non-stick (Teflon) pan?

Seriously, why?

Did you know that most nonstick pans emit a toxic, yes toxic fume when overheated - that can actually kill small animals like birds and make humans exhibit flu-like symptoms?

I was honestly overjoyed when I heard about this alternative non-stick pan, the Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan and couldn't wait to try it!

Non-Stick Alternative Frying Pan

Do I need to shame myself by telling you how many times as a mother of two toddlers, I've left a pan on the stove a little too long and let it overheat? The answer is: too many times - which is why I am D-O-N-E exposing my kids and family to harmful teflon chemicals.

The Ozeri Green Earth Pan, instead of using PTFE and PFOA (that's the bad stuff) is made with  GREBLON, which is an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany. Which means no more toxic fumes and chemicals being released into your home - a good thing, no?!

Take a look at this graphic, which shows what the chemical in Teflon does at various temperatures! (Infographic credit:

Of course, what good is a safer nonstick frying pan if it doesn't really work?  I assumed when I received the pan as a sample, that it would go to the back of my shelf and be used only on occasion - not so!  

Put It To The Test, McKinney Mommas!

I am happy to report..............The Ozeri Green Earth Pan, totally works! I think it may honestly be better at it's nonstick job than my traditional non-stick pans. 

I even gave the frying pan to my hubby for a rigorous test run, which typically include eggs (the greatest opponent of non-stick pans).  I was surprised when "The King of Weekend Breakfasts" gave it a big thumbs up and said he honestly couldn't find anything negative to say about it!

Even Hubby gave the Ozeri Green Earth Pan a 5/5 stars - and let me tell you he's a tough critic when it comes to kitchen products! 

There you have it folks, if it works better than traditional non-stick and doesn't emit harmful toxins into your home environment, why WOULDN'T you choose the Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan?

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So, How Do I Get One? 

Ozeri Green Earth Pans are available on,, and

You can also find out more information about Ozeri products on their Facebook page! 

* Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a scientist and the information I stated in this article is of my own opinion and also information I have done some research about online. 

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