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Friday, August 17, 2012

Schylling Toys - Classic Toys for Skill Building - Review & Giveaway - ends 8/31

My family was very musical growing up.

We all took piano lessons, I played the saxophone, my brother the trumpet, sister the flute and little brother the drums.

It's important now that I have my own children, that they are introduced to music and instruments at an early age, as it develops their creativity and self esteem.

I found a cool little toy that does just that, and in a playful exciting way!

The Ambi One Man Band by Schylling, gives young children (12+ months) the opportunity to learn key sounds and the beginning components of music while playing to their heart's content. This toy is truly a one man band with a whistle, bell, drum, and ratchet sound for your child to discover.  

Schylling is a toy company I came across in my search for classic toys for my children.  I love that this company has some history to it, was founded 30 years ago by a Harvard grad and still strives to create toys that aren't "trendy" and complicated, rather ones that encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Ambi Toys from Schylling is a line of preschool toys that was designed to match specific developmental levels and skills based on research.  Their toys are all come in bright and basic colors, good for both boys and girls (Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I'm SO not into pink toys even though I have two girls).

Meet some of our Favorites from Ambi Toys 

Ambi Rub A Dub Tub

My 18 month old loves this bath toy!  I had been searching for a boat of some kind that also had a learning element to it for the bathtub and couldn't find anything I liked before finding this.  The Rub A Dub Tub has three cute little figures that are hidden in the boat until the water fills up and pops the toys up to the surface.

I have to say, my little one spent more time trying to fish these little guys out of their holes when it was on "dry land" than when it was floating in the bathtub. So this toy is a win/win in my book!

Ambi Oscar Octopus

The Oscar Octopus is a great toy for both infants and toddlers. It's a rattle, teether and spinning top all in one.  My newborn loves the colorful arms of the Octopus, and the sound it makes.  While my toddler likes the challenge of trying to use it as a spinning top.

Ambi Sunflower Rattle
Ambi Rattle Keys

Ambi Toys also has some great infant rattles available, the Key Rattle and Sunflower Rattle are both perfect for beginning eye-hand coordination and recognizing colors and sounds for my infant.  At only 4 weeks, Baby O. is already reaching for and holding the Sunflower Rattle, starting to enjoy the sounds she can make by moving the rattle back and forth.

Baby O. and her Ambi Toys Sunflower Rattle

So, the next time you're on a quest to find classic toys that meet your child's developmental needs, look no further than Ambi Toys by Schylling. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

"Toys don’t have to talk to you, and you don’t need a computer to play with them. The best toys don’t even need electricity! They are powered by hand and imagination."
  - Jack Schylling



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*Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The products used to facilitate this review were given to me free of cost by the company or PR representative.  However, all opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced by the complimentary product received.


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