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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FREE Blogger Opportunity - Disney Princess $99 Giveaway!

Happy New Year to all my readers!!!

Check out this FREE blogger opportunity.

And, if you're not a blogger....just stay tuned to enter the giveaway yourself on January 8th, 2013

Blogger Opportunity

This giveaway will be from 

1/08/2013  to  2/7/2013

Come and be part of this awesome giveaway!

Disney Princess 20 inch Singing & Storytelling Doll - Belle Value $99.99

Options to join

**FREE FACEBOOK OR TWITTER with announcement (If no announcement pay $5.00)

*Additional links $1.00 each (optional)
* Host a page $5 fee (Optional)
*Be one of the Host $10.00 (Optional) -Host does not pay any other fee As I host you will get: -Will be part of the giveaway without the $2.00 charge -Name with link of your blog as a host on the post -Mandatory entry links on the rafflecopter (up tp 4 links) -Host a page

*The blog that refers more bloggers will get FREE host :) Here is the promotional post!

* Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promote at least 3x a week

Please send any Payments:


Any payment received will go to pay for prize that I already purchased , shipping charges and futures giveaways with no sponsors.

Sign Up HERE


  1. That sounds like a fantastic deal and I will be back to have a better look at it once I have some more time. Keep up the good work and the great posts in 2013


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